What is the largest Mercadona in all of Spain?

Mercadona is a family-owned company that was founded in 1977 by the Cárnicas Roig Group. It is one of the largest physical and online supermarket companies in Spain. Its objective is to assume the commitment to prescribe to the client to be the best option and offer the services to satisfy all their needs.

By downloading the official app, we can see which Mercadona is closest to our location , and buy from there. A process similar to the one you have to do to find out in which countries there are Walmart stores .

What is the largest MERCADONA in Spain and what sells the most? – Mercadona Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia

Currently, it has 1,632 establishments that sell throughout Spain and 29 in Portugal. In addition to this, it has a payroll of 95,800 people oriented towards excellence, of which 2,500 of them are in Portugal.

Its establishments have an average area of ​​1,300 m², this responds to the model called “proximity urban commerce” . They maintain a wide variety of food, hygiene, pharmaceutical and perfumery items, which are important bins or products for the home.

Where, their own white brands are included , since they are the ones that are sold the most, along with other more commercial ones.

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  1. What is the largest Mercadona in all of Spain?
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  3. How many Mercadonas are there in all of Spain?
    1. What is the Mercadona closest to me?
  4. What products does Mercadona sell?
    1. What is the best product of all Mercadona?

What is the largest Mercadona in all of Spain?

At the moment, there is no official data on which is the largest Mercadona in Spain, nor its location, nor the one that sells the most. Therefore, we cannot say anything yet regarding any of its present locations.

In any case, we could conclude that Mercadona is one of the most important distribution companies in the country, that is, the largest in Spain. This is not for less, since we are talking about a company with a presence and location of around 1700 stores in the nation and considered by many people, the most popular retail business in Spain, which sells a wide variety of products or goods. , for the family basket.

What makes a Mercadona store bigger and more successful?

In general, the prosperity of a Mercadona establishment is due to the implementation of the “Total Quality Management” model . This is not only aimed at the satisfaction of its customers, but also of all the interest groups or the so-called stakeholders or workers that are related to the company.

This model is based on the condition that for the company to be successful or satisfied with its results, it must start by satisfying others. The success of Mercadona in Spain can be compared to that of the Oxxo stores in Mexico, which also sell products or goods for the home.

In this sense, five key components are contemplated: the clients (which Mercadona defines as “The boss”, these being the company’s most essential source of income ), the workers, the promoters, society and capital.

The main objective of this company through this model is to please its customers as much as possible, thus being able to sell more. It achieves this through the development of appropriate solutions to their needs.

In turn, it does so by satisfying its employees or worker with labor policies, training, performance and improvement of their quality of life. So that, in this way, they provide the best possible service to customers.

That said, Mercadona promotes a series of characteristics of this business model that make up the answer to the reason for its success. These are the following:

  • “Always Low Prices” Policy:

The business plan that has launched Mercadona to progress was proposed in 1993. This measure of maintaining Always Low Prices (SPB) is what has helped the store chain grow in recent years and even in the midst of the crisis. The objective pursued by the company is to offer customers very good quality products at affordable and stable prices.

Staying faithful and constant to this principle is what has allowed it to position itself above its biggest competitors such as Eroski or Carrefour.

  • Happy employees:

Having happy workers is essential for the progress of a company . This is an idea that Juan Roig himself has defended on more than one occasion. Mercadona employees have good salaries and enjoy permanent contracts. In addition, there are a series of incentives that make each one receive a single payment if the established objectives are exceeded.

  • Prioritize white label:

The company is known for filling shelves with its own manufactured products , leaving little room for other brands. Bosque Verde, Hacendado or Deliplus are three of the most famous product brands in Mercadona stores. These have more than 100 suppliers that are responsible for the respective manufacture.

  • Listen to customers:

According to Roig, the secret lies in listening to customers, knowing how they think, what they want and what they need in order to be able to offer them the best possible service. In Mercadona’s company policy, the customer is the boss , this is what gives confidence to the 4.5 million households that make purchases in its establishments.

  • Seek constant improvement:

Mercadona seeks not only to improve its business relationships, but also its stores. This is what has led them to apply various measures and also to soundproof their establishments and thus, in this way, not disturb the neighbors. With this they have managed to exponentially reduce consumer complaints that come to customer service.

The progress and expansion of the Mercadona supermarket chain is considered a complete success that has drawn the attention of numerous studies in the sector. In the period from 1998 to 2003, the growth in its sales volume exceeded 25% per year, when the normal range used to not exceed even 9%. Mercadona is surpassed in growth only by Walmart and is consolidated as the fourteenth distribution company in the world environment.

What is the Mercadona that sells the most in Spain?

Mercadona is the leader of supermarkets , it is by a great difference and sweeps almost all sectors as the favorite distribution chain of the Spanish. According to surveys, it receives a 49.8% relevance and preference over other companies. Apart from the fact that the vast majority have a location, close to Spanish homes.

Being the favorite of Spanish consumers in communities such as Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia , this is due to its wide variety of brands and policies regarding its customers.

At this time, it could not be specified which branch is the best in terms of sales. But, the Mercadona of Spain that sell the most or represent the highest percentage of the company’s turnover, are those of Valencia .

How many Mercadonas are there in all of Spain?

How we know Mercadona is one of the largest stores in Spain since its initial launch in 1977. It has not stopped growing, and the latest figures we have from 2020 to 2021.

They tell us that this Mercadona food chain in Spain has a location of at least 1,600 stores in the country. Apart from that, it also has an international branch in Portugal, which already has 29 franchises throughout the territory.

What is the Mercadona closest to me?

We cannot give you the exact location of a Mercadona de España store near you, because we do not know your location. Even so, we can give you the Mercadona website. Here, you can find all the branches (https://info.mercadona.es/es/supermercados).

What products does Mercadona sell?

Hacendado is Mercadona’s recommended white brand for everything involved with food. Its incredible value for money is what allows many customers to access a very extensive set of products.

Hacendado provides different foods with a variety that allows to cover all the basic consumption needs of the clients. Nor can we forget that in Mercadona there are also other brands with incredible proposals and very good quality.

In its establishments, we can find a great diversity of foods such as an extensive catalog of milk and other dairy products, pastries and cookies. A wide range of juices, cereals and natural products to start a day full of energy.

In addition to these, at Mercadona we can get all the raw materials necessary to prepare a good dish. As would be the rice, pasta, frozen and preserved. Similarly, there are canned goods, oils, charcuterie, derivatives and, of course, instant products.

They also have Deliplus items , this is the recommended brand that is sold in Mercadona supermarkets. It consists of a wide range dedicated to improving the hygiene and beauty of our body .

These include makeup and personal care products, skincare, skin treatments, aesthetics, body hydration and related products.

In addition, they have a line of baby care products , these have ergonomic packaging that makes them easy to use. It is worth mentioning that the formulas that they include have the components that are required to take care of the soft skin of the smallest of the house.

What is the best product of all Mercadona?

The white line of the Mercadona trading company in Spain, are the ones that sell the most in their stores, not only in Valencia but also in cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, ​​among many others. Now, some of the products that are on this list without the following:

Hummus: It is the one that the supermarket sells the most, due to its affordable price and its great flavor, apart from being a very versatile product.

Wakame and frozen edemame: they are vegetables that come frozen, one of them is a salad, which you can consume once all the ice comes out. The other is cooked to your liking, for different recipes once it thaws.

Cured cheddar cheese: Among the cheeses, it is the one that sells the most in Mercadona Spain, which is made from cow’s milk. And it is one of the favorites of buyers, located in cities such as Valencia, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​among many others. Well, if great taste and price make people love it.


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