Swappa Spain: is it a scam?

Many Swappa Spain buyers are afraid that we are facing a possible scam , especially for the sale of PlayStation 5 game consoles. According to those affected, Swappa Spain is not shipping the units purchased in recent days.

First of all, it must be clarified that the domain swappa.es (Swappa Spain) has nothing to do with swappa.com and its owners are not the same. Swappa is a reliable online store that works only in the United States, and that has issued an official statement qualifying this domain as “scam” (fraud or scam).

When we explained where to buy cheap PlayStation 5 it already caught our attention that Swappa Spain had good prices and, above all, availability of the machine when most of the large distributors had run out of stock.

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In addition, for Labor Day (May 1) an amazing offer of PS5 (the version with disc player) was uploaded on the web , along with an extra controller, a charging base and the Spider-Man games Miles Morales and Assassin’s Creed: Valhala for only 499.99 euros, which is the price of just the console.

Although the supposed promotion was limited to only 20 packs, it is striking that a small store has such a good offer . The total price of all the items would be about 660 euros, and almost no stores are making offers on PS5 at the moment.

As of this writing, in Swappa they claim to have a PlayStation 5 stock for 517.95 euros , despite the fact that many large electronics chains still have waiting lists to get it, as Sony suffers from production problems that prevent it from serving the entire demand.

In fact, Game Spain has launched a renewed PlayStation 5 plan in which you cannot even get the video console, it only allows you to change your old PS4 for controllers and PS5 games.

Regarding the rest of the store, the truth is that Swappa Spain is quite strange. Along with the gaming section, it has another section dedicated to air conditioning systems , where it even offers physical facilities at home.

In addition, the means of payment include PayPal, which ensures that we get the money back if we do not receive the product, which protects us from a hypothetical scam. However, when using PayPal it always gives an error , not because of saturation of the service as they claim, but because they do not seem interested in us using it:

In the end, what they want is for us to make an immediate bank transfer (similar to Bizum ) in favor of 3Match Games, SL (B90218660), a Barcelona company. Then they ask us to send them a screenshot as proof, a payment method so suspicious that it greatly increases the chances of scam.

In fact, disgruntled buyers are organizing themselves in Telegram channels , and some have already reported this alleged fraud to the Police , since they have not received the purchased console. In addition, the bank asks them to provide the complaint to try to cancel the transfer and recover the money.

We do not know if in the end Swappa Spain will deliver the PS5 sold, but everything seems very suspicious to us, and we advise avoiding it until the issue is clarified. Using a brand that is not yours already points to a potential scam, as does selling a much desired product like the Sony console and not accepting secure payment through PayPal.

In conclusion, Swappa Spain could be a scam , we must wait to know the response of its owners and, above all, at the judicial level, but prudence advises avoiding this website in the meantime.


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