Is the King James Bible good?

Is the King James Bible good?

Find out if the King James Bible is good and why the version is so famous. Understand everything about the origin of the translation, the method used, what sets the Bible apart, whether the Bible is evangelical or Catholic, who King James was, when the version was developed, what is the difference between the King … Read more

Is Shedd Bible good?

The Shedd Bible is one of the most purchased materials for biblical studies in Brazil, the book provides an in-depth and less biased version with notes in the footer that help in understanding the studies. Discover in full everything that the Shedd Bible has to offer for your studies and knowledge of the word of … Read more

39 deliverance verses in the bible

deliverance verses in the bible

Explore the significance of deliverance verses in the Bible and find hope and strength in times of need through God’s promises. Discover the power of God’s ultimate deliverance in the midst of life’s challenges. You will find a list of the 39 best verses about deliverance that carry powerful messages. In this section, you will find … Read more


The catacombs are underground tunnels that the first Christians used for the burial of the deceased and the development of their ceremonies. The term, which is used in the plural, comes from the Late Latin word catacumbae . Summary [ hide ] 1 Primitive cemeteries 2 Catacombs of Rome 3 Catacombs of Paris 4 Fuente primitive cemeteries It can be said that the catacombs were the … Read more