What channels does the Samsung Tv Plus service offer in Spain?

The programming offered by the Samsung TV Plus package is something out of the ordinary. It is an extra service that the Smart TV has. It is very important to report that the program is exclusive to Samsung brand televisions. If you are resident in Spain, and you want to know what  channels the platform offers,  we invite you to continue exploring this information.

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  1. Popular Samsung TV Plus service categories in Spain
    1. To find out about news and varied documentaries
    2. the best in entertainment
    3. The most relevant in sports
    4. movie channels
    5. music channels
    6. channels for children
  2. How to request on demand in the Samsung TV Plus service in Spain?

Popular Samsung TV Plus service categories in Spain

The programming offered by this television package in Spanish territory is exclusive. We know that this tool can be Samsung TV Plus on Smart TV.  The availability of taking advantage of 40 channels , taking into account that more of these will be incorporated over time.

In the European territory, the service is already available. The objective of this great information is to tell you about the programs that are free in them . The territories are: Germany, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Austria.

In addition, the program is also free on mobile devices. But, that is not the topic right now, in the following categories we will give you the names of the available channels of Samsung TV Plus in the Spanish territory.

To find out about news and varied documentaries

Given how essential the world situation is, it is important to be informed of everything that is happening . That is, decisions made by politicians, natural disasters, or a simple weather forecast in our city. Similarly, documentaries provide us with information on a specific subject. To instruct us as integral people.

It is not only a television channel that offers Samsung TV Plus with informative content, it is an entire television grid. Some of these are live euronews, Euronews, Humanity, Big Name and Entrena Virtual by Vikkika. The latter has been incorporated very little.

the best in entertainment

If we have had a very busy day at work, or we went out to do the day’s shopping and got caught in terrible traffic on the way home. We arrive home with stress, all we want is to turn on the TV, look for an entertainment channel . And spend a relaxing night.

The programs with this content offered by the Samsung package are the following. Fashion TV for fashion lovers, Tele Drama, Tele Crimen, People Are Awesome, ThePetCollective. MTV Originals, Comedy Made in Spain. We also have programming for Gourmet lovers such as Pluto TV kitchen, Pluto TV Real, Detectives, Bloomberg TV+, among others.

The most relevant in sports

What most attracts the male audience and helps them relax after a long day of work is enjoying a great game of football, basketball, baseball or another sport. Samsung TV Plus services include the following programs in their planning. Motorvision, Insight TV, MMATV, MySurf and Fuel TV.

movie channels

For movie fans, we offer you a list of good programs and you can enjoy a family Sunday . Among them are. Action on Rakuten TV, Comedies on Rakuten TV, Cines verdi TV, Cine FeelGood Verdi TV, Dramas on Rakuten TV, Spotlight on Rakuten TV. In addition to, Pluto TV Cine, and Bucata TV.

music channels

For the youngest there is also, youth is more inclined to the art of singing and keeping up with entertainment in general. The programming of the Samsung TV Plus package offers fans of tunes , the following channels. Qwest TV Mix, Qwest TV Jazz and Beyond, ClassicalArmony, Veo Pop, Clubbing TV and more.

channels for children

Without forgetting the little ones in the house, all audiences in general are important to us. And the children’s entertainment programs it offers are. Planeta Junior, SuperToons TV, Pluto TV Kids, Pluto TV Animakids, Cailou and El Patio TV.

How to request on demand in the Samsung TV Plus service in Spain?

The Samsung TV plus package was chosen to offer its users the best cinematographic content from INES VENDI TV AND CINE FEEL GOOD VERDI TV. You may want to know how to apply for this new program. You should keep in mind that you need to update the Smart TV software . To be better enjoyed.

We recognize that everything is on demand and that we must accept the conditions of the companies mentioned above . The content they offer is amazing, imagine spending a whole day enjoying this service without interruption as if we were in a movie theater, but from the comfort of our home.


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