How To Pay On Amazon Without A Credit Card

Being the pioneer online commerce network of all, Amazon has been implementing multiple forms of payment since the beginning . It brings with it a host of products, services, deals, and you can even buy books with your Kindle Fire. Being able to pay with any available method is one of the most practical ways that have made the business great.

Being a large company that covers great demand in the market, you can get different payment methods.  Even paying Amazon in installments to provide all the facilities to purchase a product. Although some others still need to be added, it is not surprising that they can be counted on in the future. This time you will see which options are the most common among its users.

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  1. Payment methods supported by Amazon
    1. Using gift card payments
    2. For phone recharges
    3. PayPal
    4. pantry vouchers
  2. What steps do I need to follow to change my payment method on Amazon?

Payment methods supported by Amazon

All the variety that is available, the one that without a doubt is the most used, is to use credit cards . This covers the highest percentage with respect to the others, due to its versatility and speed to make the purchase.

Sometimes there are discounts and benefits that the cards give to their users , depending on the bank, the offer of these varies. There is no doubt that people prefer this way of transaction.

But what if you can’t use your card as usual? Whatever the reason; There is a way to make purchases with other means offered by the platform . Now we will see how to do it with different methods without having to use credit cards or banks in your community where you have an account.

Using gift card payments

Paying with so-called Amazon ‘Gift Cards’  is possible. These can be purchased from the same stores where you make regular purchases of items.

It works very simply, you just have to add the balance of the card to your user and in the next purchase it will be deducted from it. It’s one of the most common ways items are canceled at the world’s largest online store.

The option to save the cards for future purchases is very good, but you must be clear that they come with an expiration date. If you exceed the time limit, the balance you have will be lost. Taking this into account, you can take full advantage of it. The card is not subject to any bank , only the stores that provide them are responsible.

For phone recharges

The modality is rather implemented in Amazon as a purchase of a gift card. To have money available. The operation of this is to add balance. Once you enter your profile, look for the Amazon Cash option and go to the ‘Recharge your Balance’ area.


Then you will choose the payment method. In this section you must locate the option ‘Cell phone number’, because from this the entire operation will be carried out. By making the telephone recharge you are providing your number to an authorized teller. After added, the system will ask you for verification and in this way they will send you a code that you must enter in the application.

Then you enter your user password and relocate Amazon Cash and finally confirm your number for the third time. In this way , an authorized cashier will contact you to guide you in the payment.


It is one of the things that is not in Amazon’s stock and it seems that PayPal has a substitute according to the same company. PayPal would be a reliable alternative for users proceeding to  create an Amazon account.  However, you are not a candidate for trading in this fluid trading system. At the moment, there are other methods that are currently supported by the platform.

The main reason for all this is the security policies that are implemented for the protection of the customer’s purchase. These rules have already been in use for quite some time, it only remains to be seen if in the future all payment methods can be counted on, including PayPal.

pantry vouchers

Let’s talk about food vouchers like the ones offered by Oxxo and they are available through some issuers that have a partnership with the store.

When you provide the voucher information and the amount is recharged, the person supplying it will contact you. For you to confirm the recharge by providing the CVV code found on the back of the voucher. Having all the information at hand you must follow these steps.

  1. Go to your Profile.
  2. Select the option that says ‘My Despensa Vouchers’.
  3. Write the information corresponding to the holder’s name and expiration date.
  4. Then enter the CVV code.

If the balance provided through this method is not sufficient to make full payment for the item. The difference is canceled with one of the other options available on the platform. And in this way finish the purchase effectively.

What steps do I need to follow to change my payment method on Amazon?

The administration of how you want to pay on Amazon is possible, either by modifying or eliminating the payment system. You must take into account that the procedure is different if you are going to remove a portfolio that has active orders , that is, that have not yet been completed.

You are only allowed to change the billing address and nothing else . Another alternative to choose is to cancel the order and buy again, but there is a possibility of getting negative ratings. First enter your profile, and choose between the following options.

  1. Add payment method.
  2. Edit method.
  3. Delete wallet.

If what you are going to do is remove the default payment method from your account , which is the same as the one you configured at the beginning, when choosing the card a window will open where you will click Edit. Then here you need to choose ‘remove Wallet’. This way it will be out of your payment options, in the future you can add the method you had again without any inconvenience


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