6 credit card options without annuity

Have you ever realized how much you spend on the annual fee on your credit card ? Even though the features offered by them represent a great convenience, getting rid of that fee is always a good deal.

This is exactly why the number of people seeking no annuity credit card options has increased . What used to be an advantage for a few, is now much more common and accessible to different profiles.

Check out the 6 best credit cards without annuity now and choose the one that suits you!

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  • 1 Nubank
  • 2 Original Bank
  • 3 Neon
  • 4 Santander Free
  • 5 All Blue
  • 6 Credicard Zero Platinum

1. Nubank

One of the great references when talking about financial startups, Nubank offers one of the most desired credit cards today. It can be used for national and international payments, and spending control is done entirely through the app.

The card comes with the Mastercard brand, which guarantees its wide acceptance. To help with planning, you can anticipate the payment of the invoice and release the limit for some important purchases . It is also possible to request a limit increase in a few steps.

To request yours, simply enter the Nubank website, fill in the registration form and wait for the analysis. If you receive an invitation from someone who is already a customer, it is likely that your card will be approved sooner.

2. Original Bank

Anyone who wants to have a credit card with no annual fee associated with a 100% digital bank account can find Banco Original a good alternative. It is the opportunity to count on the security and practicality of digital banks and the conveniences offered by credit cards .

It also has international acceptance and allows you to monitor movements in real time by cell phone. Its holders also guarantee participation in the Mastercard Surpreenda benefits program, receive cashback for purchases and can make withdrawals through the Banco 24 Horas network.

The card, which works for both credit and debit, is sent within a few days after opening an account at the institution.

3. Neon

Another digital bank that offers one of the most popular no-annual credit cards today is Neon. It comes with the Visa brand, so you can use it anywhere, and it allows full control through the app .

The credit card is associated with the current account that the user must have on the platform, which allows the payment to be automatically debited. Other interesting features are the virtual card, recommended for online purchases with greater security, and the possibility of making up to four free withdrawals per month.

To have a Neon in your hands, you must request to open an account at the startup. After your profile has been approved, just wait for the card to be delivered to start enjoying your benefits.

4. Santander Free

If the intention is to spend at least R$100 per month on your credit card, Santander Free is another good option. From this invoice amount, the bank exempts the holder from paying the annuity, which is R$31.17 in the months in which the minimum amount is not reached.

One of the main advantages here is participating in the Esfera Santander Program, which gives access to the benefits network of one of the largest banks in the country. Points earned for every R$5 worth of purchases can be redeemed for discounts at restaurants, stores, travel and much more.

Remember that it is not necessary to have a checking account at the institution to apply for a credit card. This is a good alternative for those looking for an affordable card even with a low score .

5. All Blue

The result of a partnership between Banco Itaú and Azul Linhas Aéreas, the card is ideal for those who like to travel. A minimum expense of R$1,000 per month is required to get rid of the annual fee . This amount also guarantees the accumulation of one thousand miles for free.

Undoubtedly, the highlight of this credit card is the benefits for travelers. It is possible to obtain exclusive discounts on airline tickets, on the purchase of points and through Clube Tudo Azul. If you shop abroad, you can convert your points for dollars spent into bonus miles.

The request can be made on the Itaú bank website, simply informing your personal and income data for the institution to analyze.

6. Credicard Zero Platinum

Credicard Zero brings all the advantages of Platinum cards, a segment that offers benefits that go beyond conventional options . After all, better than a credit card without an annual fee, it is one that also guarantees users the best features.

The facilities offered are ideal to help with day-to-day expenses. It is possible to get discounts on app races, purchases of airline tickets and hotel reservations, as well as differentiated conditions in large retail stores. When an unforeseen event arises, Credicard guarantees the emergency credit assessment free of charge.

Both the follow-up of the invoice and the request for the card can be done over the internet. Therefore, it is another good option that combines the practicality of digital media with the advantages of this incredible financial tool.

At first, the annual fee may seem insignificant, ranging between R$10 and R$40 monthly, on average. However, when we put the cost at the tip of the pencil, we realized that the amount could be used for other, much more interesting purposes .

This is an amount that can be invested or help to form an emergency reserve , important to ensure peace of mind in any situation. Therefore, when getting rid of the annuity, the best thing to do is to reorganize your expenses to direct the resources to what really matters .

If you already have a credit card and don’t want to apply for another one, a good tip is to seek a negotiation with the issuing company. In many cases, you can reduce the fee amount or even delete it from your bill altogether.

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