How to pay pagoPA with Enel X Pay

Tired of the endless mornings spent in post office queues, you searched online to find a “smarter” solution to pay your bills and taxes: this is how you learned about pagoPA , an electronic payment management system developed point from the AGID (Agency for Digital Italy) to simplify payments to the Public Administration and other entities participating in the service. Through the latter, you have discovered that you just need to frame a QR code with your smartphone to pay taxes, fees, utilities, stamps and membership fees; all in a safe way and without leaving the house.

You really think you have found the solution to your problems, but you are not sure which app or service to contact to take advantage of this payment method. Don’t worry: if that’s the case, let me give you a hand by talking to you about a solution that I believe can really do for you, namely Enel X Pay . If you have never heard of it, it is a complete solution that with a smartphone app allows you to open an account with a Mastercard card or to pay bills, pagoPA, car tax without complications simply by framing the QR code (or by entering the data manually).

By also opening an Enel X Pay account, you will access many benefits, including lower commissions on pagoPA and other payments; Italian IBAN; physical and virtual Mastercard card to make payments online and in physical stores; free money exchange; salary credit and much more, but it is not mandatory for the payment of pagoPA notices: you can pay pagoPA with Enel X Pay without having to open an account, but accepting to pay slightly higher commissions. For all the details, read on: everything is explained below.


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How to pay pagoPA with Enel X Pay from a smartphone

If you want to find out how to pay pagoPA with Enel X Pay from your smartphone , you must first install the Enel X Pay app on your phone and register, which is completely free. You will thus be able to pay bills, pagoPA and car tax simply by framing the QR code that you find on the payment slips , or by entering the necessary data manually. You can then complete the transaction with any Mastercard, Visa, VPAY or Maestro payment card issued in Italy by paying 2 euro in commissions , with the exception of Enel Energia’s pagoPA , whose commissions are always equal to 0 euro .

To save on commissions and access many other benefits, you can open an Enel X Pay account , through which you will get an online account with an Italian IBAN , a Mastercard card (which you can always manage via the Enel X Pay app) and everything else you need. it is used to manage your daily expenses at 1 euro / month (plus 10 euro for the initial top-up for the activation of the account). By opening the account, the commissions on pagoPAs are lowered to € 0.50 per operation (as well as all other payments, except for Enel Energia’s pagoPAs, which obviously remain commission-free).

Going into more detail, in addition to the Enel X Pay Standard plan (1 euro / month) , which includes online account with Italian IBAN, physical and virtual Mastercard card, online payments and wire transfers, bill payment, pagoPA and car tax, Apple Pay , money exchanges and divide free spending, salary credit and customer assistance via app and toll-free number, you can activate as an additional option the Enel X Pay Family plan (1 euro / account per month) , which allows you to obtain Junior accounts for your children from 11 to 17 years with dedicated cards and parental control functions. Read more here .

If you do not intend to register, you can act as a browser through the Enel X Pagacomodo service available on the Enel X Pay website , with which you can pay your bills by manually entering the data in the appropriate fields: you will find everything explained in detail in the chapter of this tutorial dedicated to the payment of pagoPA from PC . Also in this case the commissions are 2 euros per transaction (with the exception of Enel Energia’s pagoPA, whose commissions are always equal to 0 euros). Having clarified this, let’s ban the chatter and see how to proceed with payments from the app.

Registration and account opening

As a first step, download the Enel X Pay app for Android or iPhone from the store of your device (just visit the links I just provided, press the Install / Get button and possibly verify your identity), start it and press on the Pay Now button .

Then scroll through the information screens relating to the payment functions offered by the application and press the Register for free button , in order to start the free registration procedure. Enter, therefore, your name , surname , telephone number , email and password and go on .

At this point, accept the terms and conditions and privacy policy by ticking the appropriate boxes, go ahead and certify your phone number by entering the verification code you receive via SMS, then do the same with the  link you received via email .

Now you can choose whether to open an account or to  use the Enel X Pay app immediately to pay pagoPA and bills via an external payment card, paying commissions equal to 2 euros per transaction.

In the first case, proceed directly with what is indicated in the next chapter of the guide . In the second case, instead, make sure you have a valid identity document at hand and go ahead.

You will be asked to enter some personal data ,  your address  and to answer questions about your  profession , your degree of  political exposure  and your  income (this is confidential information that Enel X Pay must request by law).

Then you will have to  digitally sign the proposed documentation (everything is done from the app, you don’t have to already have a digital signature) and you will have to make a selfie video . Once the account has been opened (you will have to wait for the verification procedure of the documentation provided, which generally takes a maximum of a few hours), to activate it, you will have to top it up with at least 10 euros via another card or a bank transfer.

For more information on the entire procedure, you can consult my tutorial on how Enel X Pay works , in which I explained everything in great detail.

PagoPA payment

Once you have registered (and if you have opened an account), you can pay pagoPA with the Enel X Pay app in a very simple way. All you have to do is access the application tab dedicated to payments and press the pagoPA button .

In the screen that opens, if you want to frame the QR code of the bulletin with the smartphone camera, press on the camera icon (if necessary, grant the app permissions to access the camera) and frame the QR. Automatically, the app will fill in the Creditor Code and Warning Code fields with the information obtained from the QR (alternatively you can fill in the fields “manually”, pressing on them and typing the necessary information using the keyboard of your smartphone).

Then check the information relating to the recipient of the pagoPA notice (i.e. the payer; your name should therefore be there) and confirm . If you have an Enel X Pay account , you can complete the transaction directly with it by paying a commission of 0.50 euros (as for all other payments); if, on the other hand, you do not have an Enel X Pay account, you can pay with a Mastercard, Visa, VPAY or Maestro payment card , issued in Italy with a commission of 2 euros (with the exception of the Enel Energia pagoPA , whose commissions are always equal to 0 euros ).

Once the payment has been made, the receipt will be issued immediately , which you will find by selecting the transaction in the movement list of the app.

How to pay pagoPA with Enel X Pay from a PC

If you want, you can pay for taxes, utilities, stamps, etc. with pagoPA even from your computer . Just rely on Enel X’s Pagacomodo service which can be used without registering and allows you to pay pagoPA, bulletins, MAV / RAV, Arrow bulletins and car tax in complete safety (Enel X Financial Services Srl which provides the service is an of electronic money authorized by the Bank of Italy to offer payment services and adopts the highest security standards for transactions) with a commission of 2 euros per transaction . In this case too, the commissions of Enel Energia’s pagoPAs are an exception , which are always equal to 0 euros .

To pay pagoPA with Enel X Pay from a PC , connect to the main page of Enel X’s Pagacomodo using any browser and click on the Pay now button for pagoPA .

In the new page that opens, enter the Creditor Body Code and Notice Number in the appropriate fields (you will find both the data shown on the payment slip). Then enter your email address (to be repeated in the field that appears automatically below), name , surname or company name and telephone number in the appropriate fields, check the boxes relating to the information sheet and privacy policy , copy the confirmation code and press on the Next button to complete the transaction.

You can pay with Mastercard, Visa, VPAY and Maestro payment cards issued in Italy. You can then check the status of your payments by entering the verification code that you will find in your e-mail box in the receipt issued at the end of the payment transaction. If the receipt does not arrive, you can request a copy by sending an email to [email protected] or by filling out this form .

You can verify the payment from this page , by entering the verification code and the captcha code in the appropriate fields and pressing the button to verify the payment .

For more information

For more information on the various payments that can be made with Enel X Pay, I recommend that you consult the dedicated page of the official website and the FAQ section of Enel X Pay , which contains the answers to all the most frequently asked questions about the operation of the service. . Furthermore, I invite you to take a look at my guides on how to pay with Enel X Pay and how Enel X Pay works , in which you will find lots of other information on how the app works.

As for Pagocomodo , also in this case you will find an exhaustive FAQ section on the official website with the answers to all the most frequently asked questions.

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