Money laundering

Money laundering . is the processing of criminal proceeds in order to disguise their illegal origin.Money laundering involves the concealment of financial assets so that they can be used without the illegal activity that produces them being detected. Through money laundering, crime transforms the economic income derived from criminal activities into funds from an apparently legal source. Summary [ hide ] 1 money laundering … Read more

Asian immigration theory

Asian Immigration Theory. Asian immigration theory of the origin of man (monoracial theory) created by Alex Hrdlicka . Summary [ hide ] 1 Author 2 predecessors 3 Thesis 4 Migration routes 5 Fundamentals 6 Sources Author Alex Hrdlicka , anthropologist (Czech-American). Works: The question of man old in America (The Question of Ancient Man in America) , published in 1937 , Phase Neanderthal Man (Neanderthal Phase of Man) , published in 1927 . Predecessors The first to suggest the Asian origin of the man American was … Read more

Australian theory by Antonio Méndez Correa

Australian theory by Antonio Méndez Correa. Approach based on a migratory flow to South America from Australia and Tasmania . Summary [ hide ] 1 Author 2 Thesis 3 Route 4 Sources Author Anthropologist , he performed works of research in various fields of anthropology , archeology , ethnology , etc., but his theory Australoid was the one that gave him worldwide fame. Thesis His approach was based on the fact that there was a current of migration to South America from Australia and … Read more

Ascension Esquivel Ibarra

Ascension Esquivel Ibarra . Politician and lawyer, of Costa Rican nationality since 1869, who was President of the Republic between 1902 and 1906. Law degree and lawyer by profession. Construction of the Pacific Railroad continued and declared Puntarenas the terminal port of the Pacific Railroad in 1904 . Summary [ hide ] 1 Biographical synthesis 1 Studies conducted 2 Political career 3 Achievements of his government 4 Marriages 5 Death 2 Related Links 3 Reference 4 Sources Biographical synthesis He … Read more

Battle of Tacna

Battle of Tacna. Also known as the Battle of Alto de la Alianza, was a military action that took place on 26 of maypole in 1880 in Tacna , in the context of the War of the Pacific , one of the largest military actions of the Campaign of Tacna and Arica . Summary [ hide ] 1 Background 2 Armies involved 3 Development of the battle 4 Aftermath of the … Read more

Battle of Sevastopol

Battle of Sevastopol or (Siege of Sevastopol). it was a battle developed from October 1941 to July 1942 , between Nazi German forces and the Soviet army in the framework of World War II . The Germans wanted to seize the city of Sevastopol on the Crimean Peninsula and control the naval base, facing the Black Sea . Summary [ hide ] 1 Historical Background 1 Development of the conflict 2 Battle results 3 Consequences of the conflict 4 Sources Historical background … Read more