Australian theory by Antonio Méndez Correa

Australian theory by Antonio Méndez Correa. Approach based on a migratory flow to South America from Australia and Tasmania .

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Anthropologist , he performed works of research in various fields of anthropology , archeology , ethnology , etc., but his theory Australoid was the one that gave him worldwide fame.


His approach was based on the fact that there was a current of migration to South America from Australia and Tasmania, crossing the Auckland Islands to Antarctica (in the so-called optimus climaticum ), settling in Tierra del Fuego and Patagonia ( Onas , Alakalufes and Tehuelches ), basing their livelihood on physical similarities in skulls and blood groups , linguistic similarities (93 common words ), and cultural similarities (thrown weapons such as boomerang , hutsin the form of a beehive and ships with intertwined vegetal fibers ). This theory does not show archaeological remains .


It is an immigration process from Australia , bordering the Antarctic continent and crossing the Drake Sea , they took advantage of a series of islands until their installation in the territories of the extreme south of South America.

  • Tasmania: Auckland Islands-Antarctica (optimus climaticum).
  • Tierra del Fuego (They entered America through Tierra del Fuego) and then to Patagonia.


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