Six Day War;Background,Results And Consequences

War of the six days. Also known in Arab historiography as “War of June 1967”. It was a war that took place between 5 and October of June of 1967 , and confronted Israel and the neighboring states of Egypt , Jordan and Syria . The Arab states of Iraq , Saudi Arabia , Sudan , Tunisia , Morocco and Algeria also contributed troops and weapons. At the end of the war, Israel took back East Jerusalem and took control of the Sinai … Read more

First Arab-Israeli War (1948-1949)

First Arab-Israeli War or Arab-Israeli War of 1948. It was a Conflict developed between the years 1948 and 1949 , where the army of the newly founded State of Israel and the Arabs of Lebanon , Syria , Iraq , Kingdom of Egypt and Transjordan fought opposed to the creation of the Jewish state. The war ended in 1949 with the signing of an armistice in Rhodes and resulted in Israel’s victory and expansion. As a result of it, … Read more


The gendarmerie is a militarized body that performs the functions of the police or, originally, as a security body in small towns. Etymologically it derives from the French word gendarmerie, which in turn comes from the old French expression gens d’armes (people of arms or armed). Summary [ hide ] 1 History 2 The gendarmerie today 3 The Chilean Gendarmerie 4 In Mexico … Read more

Blitzkrieg;strategy devised by Soviet General Tukhachevsk.

Blitzkrieg. Known as the Blitzkrieg, it was a new type of strategy devised by Soviet General Tukhachevsky, and first put into practice, albeit on a very small scale, in the Spanish Civil War during the first siege of Madrid. Strategic systems However, this type of strategy tends to be associated with the Nazis , since they were the first to use … Read more

Squad 201; Mexican air combat unit that participated in World War II

Squadron 201, known as the Aztec Eagles, was a Mexican air combat unit that participated in World War II. The squadron flew as an annex to Group 58. combat of the 5th. United States Air Force in the liberation of the mother island of Luzon, Philippines , during the summer of 1945. 201 Squadron served with distinction in observations, bombing and … Read more

Nagorno Karabakh conflict

Nagorno Karabakh conflict . Armed conflict that had its origin in the population distributions carried out, first, by the Tsarist Empire and later by the extinct USSR . Nagorno Karabakh is an enclave located in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan . Its population, mainly ethnic Armenians, always expressed their desire to be part of the Republic of Armenia . Throughout the 1980s, these … Read more