Blitzkrieg;strategy devised by Soviet General Tukhachevsk.

Blitzkrieg. Known as the Blitzkrieg, it was a new type of strategy devised by Soviet General Tukhachevsky, and first put into practice, albeit on a very small scale, in the Spanish Civil War during the first siege of Madrid.

Strategic systems

However, this type of strategy tends to be associated with the Nazis , since they were the first to use it on a large scale with excellent results in the invasion of Poland on September 1 , 1939 and subsequent military actions such as the invasion of France or Belgium. .

This new system of making war consists of applying the maximum possible mobility to the troops in contradistinction to the current position strategies in Europe .

The First World War resulted in new types of tactics and strategic systems based on trench warfare and war of attrition, leading to eternal battles with authentic human bloodletting for a few hundred meters. Following this concept, and as the ultimate example of this system, France designed the Maginot Line along most of its eastern border with Germany.

However, in contrast to a static war of attrition, the “Blitzkrieg” applied a new concept of mobility that placed vital importance on armored cars. Until that time, tanks were used to support the infantry , providing good cover and great firepower, but acting in isolation.

The “Blitzkrieg” changed that concept. On the one hand, there were vehicles adapted to infantry (transport vehicles) and, on the other, the units made up exclusively of armored vehicles. Since these units, being free from the slowness of the infantry, possessed great mobility, they formed the vanguards of the Nazi armies.

The way of acting was always the same. The armor attacked from the flanks, penetrating into enemy territory to finally surround the enemy troops in a pocket. These troops, upon losing contact with the rest of the army, are out of supply (unless they could do so by air).


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