Samsung TV Plus vs LG Channels: Which Platform Offers the Best Content?

Television, as we knew it about 10 years ago, is in the past. Currently, people have different streaming platforms at their disposal, in which they can choose what type of content to watch . This has created competition between the different streaming platforms and even smart TV brands that provide this type of service.

It should be noted that each of the different platforms offered by brands have positive things, as well as others that are not so beneficial. Therefore, it is determined that the favoritism of said companies or platforms will depend on the viewer. In the case of Samsung TV, the preferred by many users, because you can watch Samsung TV Plus channels  by downloading the app.

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  1. What is the difference between LG Channels service and Samsung TV Plus?
    1. The number of channels they offer
    2. The channels that they offer exclusively
    3. Errors presented by each of the services
    4. Service prices
  2. How to know which service to choose between Samsung TV Plus and LG Channels?

What is the difference between LG Channels service and Samsung TV Plus?

Each of the companies are giving their best to customers and even more so that other people acquire their equipment. However, the devices are different because the brand is different and they always seek to add something that characterizes them . But, even so, both have included applications to their televisions and one in particular that provides free entertainment.

There are several differences that can be found if you compare both services. But it should be noted that each of them are focused on giving the best to their clients, although they differ from one another. However, if you want to learn more about the differences between the two platforms, keep reading.

The number of channels they offer

Streaming applications usually have a large number of programs that are available to users who make use of it. Likewise, in the case of these two platforms, there is an estimate of free channels that can be viewed for free.

But it should be noted that one has more quantity than the other and in this if it is possible to visualize a great difference. In the Smart TVs of the LG brand , in its entertainment app, so far more than one television channel is available, around 1,900.

Which have been integrated in its most recent update, since they were not available before. But, the televisions that will enjoy this benefit are those that have the webOS 5.0 operating system. In addition, it is only available for certain countries and it is expected that it will reach many more.

On the other hand, Samsung TV Plus only has availability of more than 100 free channels, but even so, it does not reach the number that LG Channels hosts. Even in this way, unlike, its programs are free on all the company’s smart TVs and it does not have any limitations.

The channels that they offer exclusively

Each of the streaming applications that are included in these devices have a section where it shows those that are special. In this way, on Samsung TV Plus you will find thematic programs such as MTV Originals, Euronews and others that are known . To tell the truth, there is a wide range of channels that adapt to the user’s taste.

On the other hand, LG Channels has numerous options to enjoy with family or friends, but it also has some exclusive programs . These channels have a price with which you will be able to enjoy their content and it is something negative for customers.

Errors presented by each of the services

Sometimes, the Samsung TV Plus app has bugs and it is something negative for the clients of this company. Generally, such inconveniences are due to the fact that  the Smart TV needs to be updated to the latest version. By not doing this step, it will continue to show failures in the application and it will not let you enjoy the programming.

In the same way, it happens with LG Channels and another reason is that it is due to the bad connection to the network. Also, all smart TVs that have Streaming apps need internet. Otherwise, it will not have a good development and disturb the transmission of the channels.

Service prices

Some platforms, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and others, require a monthly fee to enjoy the content they offer. However, the Samsung TV Plus service is free for customers who purchase a Smart TV from the company.

Which means that you do not have to cancel any payment and thus enjoy the channels it offers. Since, it is included in the equipment from its manufacture. The only negative of the platform is that ads will appear when it is being used and for many users it is somewhat annoying.

In addition, you do not have any option to remove such notices temporarily or permanently. In the case of LG Channels, this is both a free and paid service , but you will find entertainment programs for movies, sports, news, music and much more.

Remembering that any of these applications are included in the device for free. However, you have the opportunity from the official page of each product to download Samsung TV Plus or LG Channels.

How to know which service to choose between Samsung TV Plus and LG Channels?

It is somewhat complicated and the truth is that the decision will be made by the client depending on different factors. For example, if you have a device from the Samsung company, it comes with the app itself attached.

Also, since you have your application that has different channels, you will not have to download LG Channels or vice versa. But, if you want to try either platform, you can.

At the time the development and content of both Apps are tested, the final decision will be made. However, either one is excellent and each one is different. Therefore, they open very varied characteristics throughout their scope, but always reaching a positive point.


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