Between Samsung TV Plus and Lg Channels, which service is better?

When buying a smart TV, we tend to look for an option that suits our needs and does not require external devices. Today there is a dilemma between Samsung TV Plus and LG Channels services . Will both allow you to record TV shows? In today’s article you will know which is the best alternative to select. If not, you can choose between Netflix or Amazon Prime.

Keep in mind that both are services that you can find included in the Smart TVs of both brands. This is one of the main reasons why today they have a kind of confrontation.

Between SAMSUNG TV PLUS and LG CHANNELS, which service is better?

It is worth mentioning that, on the one hand, you will have less than 50 channels if you opt for Samsung TV plus. While with LG Channel you have the possibility of tuning in to a television channel among the almost 2,000 free options that this service has. Of course, quantity does not mean quality.

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  1. What advantages and disadvantages does Samsung TV Plus and LG Channels have?
    1. Common errors of these two services
    2. Number of channels they offer
    3. Process for obtaining services
  2. Between Samsung TV Plus and LG Channels which one is better for me?

What advantages and disadvantages does Samsung TV Plus and LG Channels have?

Both services are free. So you won’t have to provide any kind of bank details or anything like that. However, there are those who opt for the advantages or benefits offered by Samsung TV Plus for its stability and comfort when consuming content.

Despite this, this does not leave LG Channels behind. It offers you a huge number of channels, offering the possibility of covering all the tastes and preferences of its users. In other words, you can find programming focused on news, sports and content for children and adults.

We can highlight that in the case of Samsung Smart TVs , they provide you with exclusive content. In addition, you will not see annoying ads at any time, something that does not happen in its counterpart, LG Channels. You also have the possibility to see all the content via Streaming.

Common errors of these two services

Let’s start with the problems that LG Channels Smart TVs usually present . These tend to have flaws in terms of the image of the channels. An example of this is when there is an overlay on the screen or streaks appear in the programs that the user tunes in. To solve this, it is enough to make a correct connection of the antenna and move it from place or direction.

The good news is that the same brand offers you a section where you can see step by step how to solve problems when tuning into LG Channel .

In fact, it is very common for streaks to appear no matter what channel is tuned to. These can originate vertically or horizontally. One of the reasons why this occurs on your device is due to the use of wireless networks , or appliances that generate fluctuations in electromagnetic fields.

You have to identify if there is any device that is causing this problem , otherwise you will not be able to watch channels on a Smart TV. An alternative to this is to install Mega TV Player , but it is up to the user. As far as the most typical errors related to Samsung TV plus are found:

  1. Problems with the internet connection.
  2. Failure in the operability of the router.
  3. Bad configuration of the DNSof the device.
  4. The firmware is not updated.
  5. IPV 6 is enabled.
  6. A lousy system setting and there are flaws in the TV settings.

Number of channels they offer

At the moment, Samsung TV Plus only has a total of 42 free channels. Among which you can tune into Rakuten TV, Classical Harmony, Duck TV, Humanity, motorvision, MTV Catfish, among others.

On the other hand, LG Channel already gives you a wide range of channels to choose from. To be exact, you have 1900 options to select from. Of course, the disadvantage of this is that not all countries are available. Despite there being a large number to choose from, depending on the country you are in, there will only be a few that your device will be able to tune into .

Process for obtaining services

As such, you do not need to go through a specific process to obtain the services of both platforms. This is because they are already included in the Smart TVs of each brand. Such detail is a welcome advancement in technology that greatly improves the user experience.

In theory, your television should have the application installed , since it comes by default with the device. In case you don’t have it, you will have to go to the Play Store and download the app. Make sure you do it by this method and not by third party sources.

The same goes for the competition of the mentioned brand. It is possible that since it has a different operating system, you have to access a particular app store and search there for what you need.

Between Samsung TV Plus and LG Channels which one is better for me?

The reality is that everything will depend on your preferences and your tastes. There are those who prefer Samsung for being an intuitive system and a service that adapts to the preferences of its users. On the other hand, if you are looking for something broader and investigate until you find something that you really like.

Keep in mind that the choice will have to be made based on the brand of the device you have. There is no point in wanting LG Channels service when you own a Samsung TV. In this way we minimize problems with the service and the device itself.


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