Which Apex Legends characters are user favorites and why?

This is one of the installments that is becoming more popular in recent years. Apex is characterized as a video game in which the battle in the first person has evolved . Unfortunately, it does not fall into the category of the best offline games, but it is still worth a try.

What sets Apex Legends apart from its competition is the variety in terms of characters . Every user has the opportunity to choose one among the many that exist. Therefore, today we will focus on those who are the favorites of the players today.

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  1. How many characters are there in Apex Legends?
  2. Characteristics of Apex Legends characters that are taken into account when establishing their popularity
  3. Names of all the favorite Apex Legends characters and level of popularity
    1. Wraith
    2. Octane
    3. Bloodhound
    4. Path Finder
    5. Valkyrie

How many characters are there in Apex Legends?

Through the internet you will find countless pages that offer you details about each of the characters that the Battle Royale video game has . The best thing and what we can recommend is that you go to the official Apex Legends page and look at each one there. One of the most peculiar is loba, an expert thief.

The advantage of this website is that you will find a small phrase that defines the character in general terms. For example, the first one to appear is ASH , who is characterized as an incisive investigator. If she presses on it, she will direct you to a section where you learn more about it.

You will get data such as his home world, what is the passive and ultimate ability . Perhaps this is not of much interest to players, but when entering this world, it is vital to know these features. This simple information will help you know which is the best choice for you.

Now, in terms of the number of characters enabled so far, we can count more than 30 different ones with unique abilities. In any case, we will give you details about it shortly.

Characteristics of Apex Legends characters that are taken into account when establishing their popularity

Although there are a good number of options to choose from, there are always some that are the most popular and favorites. But have you ever wondered what characteristics make them what they are? Here we provide everything you need:

  1. This one in particular is one of the most feared in the game . This is because his passive ability is very powerful, not to mention the survivability is otherworldly. He is often used as the main character due to his ability to stealth and assassination.
  2. The main features of this character is his armor. Among his abilities is the protection dome and defensive bombardment. Because of his abilities, he is used to support the rest of the team.
  3. The appearance that he has is a bit peculiar, since he looks like a dead samurai. In fact, his strengths are silence, being a skirmisher, and carrying a very useful death totem in a match. If you know how to use his abilities, he can be quite a fearsome character.
  4. Even though he’s been nerfed, he’s still among the most popular in Apex Legends Wraith. Of course, when it comes to ultimate abilities, there are few who can compare to them. When it comes to looking for information and giving your squad, whether you use teleports or not, it’s the best choice.

Names of all the favorite Apex Legends characters and level of popularity

We go from the most popular to those that have become exclusive to players . But not before reminding you that there is now a better way to  log in to Wolfteam .


The physical appearance of this character is very reminiscent of a very famous anime. The main characteristics of him is being an interdimensional harasser . He comes from Typhon and in terms of his abilities, there is the void (tactical), voices of the void (passive) and dimensional gap (ultimate)


The appearance of this being is quite gloomy, however, its speed is one of the best in the game. He is usually chosen in order to take on any enemy, as well as work together with other characters. His abilities make him deadly, especially when it comes to executing a team attack .


Character that is located in Tier S and its greatest virtues are tracking, an omniscient eye and the hunting beast . Among his strengths, we can highlight having a great affinity for tracking enemies.

Path Finder

The design of this one is striking and funny, but don’t be fooled. Using it offers a great advantage to the team thanks to its mobility and the tools that allow it to cover a good part of the field. The detail is that you have to know how to use it and thus get the most out of it.


He is one of those characters that stands out for his mobility. Unlike the previous one mentioned, this one uses thrusters to move very quickly. This detail allows you to have a wide view of the battlefield. Her abilities focus on missile clouds, rising jump, and vertical thrusters.


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