In which European countries can I use my Bizum account

Promoted by Spanish financial institutions, Bizum is a secure app  integrated with online banking. Moving money between accounts in real time is a reality thanks to the platform. The best thing is that you do not need to download more applications , just subscribe from your bank to access the tab within the app of the same.

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  1. Is it possible to use Bizum in France?
  2. Can Bizum be used within Germany?
  3. If I am in the Netherlands, can I use Bizum?
  4. Can I send Bizum money transfers from the United Kingdom?
  5. Can Bizum send money from another continent?
    1. From America
    2. In Asia
    3. From Africa and Oceania

Is it possible to use Bizum in France?

Within the benefits of Bizum  we have that it is accepted in several countries. It started as a platform that only worked in the Spanish limitation . Today, the expansion of its limits is still under study. However, within the French territory, other similar applications are used.

Lydia, is an alternative to Bizum in the interior of France , which has been developed by the traditional banks of the same country. In addition, it can be used within Spain to make payments for free.

Can Bizum be used within Germany?

The German bank N26 has expressed the desire to join Bizum’s expansion as soon as possible. Well, the arrival of the application in the country would leave a great tool that would facilitate the making and receiving of payments. However, they are projects that do not yet have a date.

Meanwhile, in Germany , Bizum , PayPal’s application, is used as a solution. 20% of the German population uses this payment system. A very good alternative while it is possible to take Bizum to all of Europe

If I am in the Netherlands, can I use Bizum?

The Dutch entity ING has managed to form part of the Bizum team, expanding payment solutions to its customers. Together with the rest of the Spanish entities that offer the platform within their respective apps, in the Netherlands it is possible to use Bizum.

Maintaining an innovative approach to the payment area, ING customers can enjoy instant consumption and a wide range of possibilities. From the Netflix subscription to withdrawing cash at associated businesses. So, ING Bizum is the solution to send and receive money via mobile phone without an account number.

To register, you must access the ING app with the username and password. This app is only available on mobile devices, it does not work on Tablet or PC. Once inside, display the menu at the top right of the screen.

Next, select ‘Transfers >Bizum >Activate Bizum’ and follow the tutorial provided by the application itself. Sending money is free, no commissions are paid, you only need the mobile number of the person to deposit and confirm the SMS code. Now receiving and requesting funds instantly is a fact!

Can I send Bizum money transfers from the United Kingdom?

Bizum payments have become too popular in Spain, to the point that there are more than 18 million users. However, it is unfortunate, but outside of Spanish territory you cannot use Bizum , unless you have an account in one of the 27 affiliated banks. In the same way, to make a payment , the receiver needs to have the connection to the application.

Not having a large international expansion has been a huge disadvantage compared to the quality of its service. However, within the United Kingdom there are other alternative applications that supplement Bizum. For its part, WorldPay, the UK’s largest payment provider , has more than 250,000 small business users.

Can Bizum send money from another continent?

This payment platform has become the helping hand of most users in Spain. Well, you can enjoy many benefits if you have a   bank account compatible with Bizum.  However, there is still some way to go abroad. Let’s see if the same thing happens on other continents.

From America

Making joint purchases, collections, requesting payments and transferring to a company’s payroll are important features. Since, in America, cash is scarce and the means that facilitate the way of facing payments, it is an excellent alternative. Bizum offers the above and much more, even if it is only for Spanish and Dutch users.

So, in America other alternatives to Bizum are available, which are very well accepted. PayPal is the most used platform, with more than 325 million users and the possibility of making transfers in more than 25 currencies without bank information. It is the most used payment app in e-commerce to link salaries for jobs between America and other continents.

In Asia

With Bizum you can travel to Asia and make payments, as long as the addressee and receiver have an account in Spain’ . In other words, you can make payments from Bizum abroad, in any territory. For the above, it is necessary that the origin and reception accounts be linked to a Spanish bank.

From Africa and Oceania

Finally, if you plan to travel abroad, you must have a Spanish IBAN , regardless of the country or telephone number of sending or receiving the money through Bizum.

Well, with the above, you can have an international roaming rate to continue using data and calls from abroad. All you have to do is have the mobile application of the Spanish financial institution associated with Bizum and receive the confirmation SMS.

Remembering that the payments that are executed are processed only in euros. So, for students outside the European Union where the currency changes, this is a disadvantage. However, it is easy to cancel or pay people who have accounts in Bizum, or if you are traveling, receive money from Spain through the application.


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