10 largest foundations in Portugal

The Portuguese universe of foundations manages more than 9 billion euros in assets with 6 billion euros of equity. About nine-tenths of this money belongs to the 30 largest organizations, including the largest, the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, led since 2017 by Isabel Mota. Discover the 10 largest foundations in Portugal, in a list of 30 that you can find in full in FORBES de Março.

Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation

  • Creation:1956
  • Own funds:2616 million euros
  • Nature:Not only is it the largest Portuguese foundation, it is also among the 40 largest in the world.

University of Porto

  • Creation:2009
  • Own funds:503 million euros
  • Nature:The State Budget continues to be the biggest source of money in the biggest Portuguese university.

Champalimaud Foundation

  • Creation:2004
  • Own funds:425 million euros
  • Nature:Dedicated to stimulating discoveries that benefit people through research in cutting-edge areas.

Oriente Foundation

  • Creation:1988
  • Own funds:262 million euros
  • Nature:It is part of the group of the 20 largest European foundations and is a founding member of the European Foundation Center (EFC).

New University of Lisbon

  • Creation:2017
  • Own funds:188 million euros
  • Nature:It is one of the most recent examples of the transformation of a public higher education institution into a foundation.

Foundation of the House of Bragança

  • Creation:1933
  • Own funds:146 million euros
  • Nature:One year after the death of the last king of Portugal, Manuel II, it was instituted. The sale of cork is the biggest source of revenue.


  • Creation:1985
  • Own funds:144 million euros
  • Nature:The 85 million euros that the State used to endow this foundation on its launch came from a 1983 agreement between Portugal and the USA.

Inatel Foundation

  • Creation:2008
  • Own funds:131 million euros
  • Nature:This foundation took the place of the former National Institute for the Use of Workers’ Free Time.

Bissaya Barreto Foundation

  • Creation:1958
  • Own funds:127 million euros
  • Nature:This foundation’s mission is to contribute to the promotion of the population of the central region of the country.


Casa da Música Foundation

  • Creation:2006
  • Own funds:115 million euros
  • Nature:It was created with 3.1 million euros, but the government of José Sócrates promised it 10 million euros.


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