How to make a Mohican or Cresta haircut?

The Mohican-type high fade or degraded Boicano Crest is one of the most worn men’s cuts, especially in hair with a medium lake. Well, it is a symbol of rebellion and irreverence that is also called Mohawk. Although it became popular in the 70s with the punk movement, it has now gained recognition and has become one of the most requested cuts.

Since it is a haircut, very stylish, and easy to do by barbers or those who prefer to go to a hairdresser, it is also possible. Due to the fact that the high Fade haircut marked Mohicaco type or faded Boicano Crest, is done, either with a razor or razor, easy to handle.


Of course, you have to work carefully on the skull, so that the wide crest or the Fade cut looks good . Now, if you want more information about the Mohican High Fade or Faded Boicano Wide Crest haircut, I invite you to read the article.

Both men and women know how to look great and you, as a professional barber or hairdresser, have to know the correct way to apply it . In this way, you will know how to adapt it to the specific requirements of your clients. Continue to know the step by step.

So, learn how to execute this haircut, which many call Mohican-type high fade, Boicano wide crest or Mohawk. Which is usually done by a barber or professional hairdresser. 

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  1. What are the differences between a Fade cut and a Mohican?
  2. How to start my guide line on the head?
    1. Select the desired height or distance
    2. Finish the white tone with the razor or knife
  3. Steps to create the gray tone within a High Fade cut
    1. What to do if the hair grows in different directions?
  4. How to determine the back of the Mohican or crest?
    1. skull shape
    2. amount of hair

 What are the differences between a Fade cut and a Mohican?

You often opt to See examples in a Facebook album of your barber , in search of the ideal new haircut. But many times, the references that we take from the network are not applied as we would like. Many people could confuse the classic faded Mohicano or Mohawk type with the wide faded Boicano crest, when the truth is, they are far from it .

How to start my guide line on the head?

For this high fade haircut it is recommended that you use a Whall Clipper or an Andis Envi Li razor. The fundamental step is to start by marking a good first guideline. Well, it depends on her that the fade curve, which characterizes this Mohican-type Fade cut, is well achieved.

Select the desired height or distance

The guide line is defined by the type of fade or fade reference that the client brings. Well, a mid or low fade are more difficult to achieve than a high fade. So marking the height or distance of the curve to be made is the first step, so the Mohican Fade haircut looks spectacular.

We recommend that you start with the dark brush and the lever fully closed, that is, facing up. Also, to mark it only with the corner of the blade, because that way, you will get a narrow curve at the end, which is what is expected in this Mohican Fade cut.

Finish the white tone with the razor or knife

Surely you have been able to see a ‘Facebook Live’ or other tutorials, that a good Mohican fade, starts with the gradient to white. That is, the next step is about removing the excesses from the outer edges . You will choose a sideburns, and you will go over half a cm below the guide line.

The next thing is that you look for the electric razor or a knife, because we will erase the edges of the ends . The Wahl Shaver is an excellent option if you are looking for fast and precise results with the shaver on the skull. In this step, you should outline all the traces of hair on the ends, from top to bottom in small touches, so as not to mess up the Mohican Fade cut.

Steps to create the gray tone within a High Fade cut

Let’s go immediately to the creation of the gray tone of the gradient in the Mohican type High Fade haircut, some can put videos on Facebook of how to achieve it. But the truth is, the best way to achieve it is with practice, both in this and in any other haircut, such as the mohawk.

So, to build the gray tone, you must take the clipper again by opening the lever completely, so that the fade is well defined in the Mohican Fade haircut.

What to do if the hair grows in different directions?

With the machine at zero and movement in a ‘C’ or blending mode, you will climb approximately one cm above the guide line. You will always take care to pass the razor against the hair , that is, in the opposite direction to the direction of the hair. Well, it’s totally normal for this to happen.

When you have marked that second line, to blur the height change. You shift the lever to the middle, and repeat the movement on the guide line, going up an intermediate distance.

How to determine the back of the Mohican or crest?

He continues, almost completely closing the lever and marking the movements, in a much shorter distance, of the first and second lines. Always with the corner of the machine and in blending.

The width of the ridge at the back should correspond to the client’s facial features and hair characteristics .

skull shape

There are skulls with a much more marked and defined texture. In those cases, a tighter ridge may work better. But, on more rounded skulls, the crest should match it. So take care to finish the fade with the lever fully closed on the starting line.

amount of hair

What remains is that with the lever closed and a comb No. 1, make the definitive guide that gives the width of the ridge. Look at the type of hair of the client, because the more volume it has, the better it should be, a little wider and with a well-marked fade .

Now you must erase it, with an intermediate comb and the lever in the middle, also going up to the middle.

Work in great detail on this part and go blurring all the edges, especially in the back. Handle touch-ups with the lever closed, practically on the line.

Build the black with the 1.5 comb, the lever open and spooned. Add the finishing touches with the #1 comb, machine-over-comb, and a polishing scissor.

  • The back and its limitations

The fade is a technique that makes hair look gradient, from a very low number to a slightly higher number. The comb is characterized by high volume and texture on the top center of the head. The ‘Mohican’ cut is a combination of both.

It is defined by having quite low sides that rise in the center of the head, as high as the person wishes. It looks great on any type of hair, the back of the head can be lowered more or less, but it always ends in a ‘U’ or ‘V’.

And that’s it, so you have your cut finished, we hope this tutorial has been of great help. And if you have any questions or suggestions about it, don’t forget to leave your comments.


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