Coca-Cola vs Pepsi sales: Which soft drink company sells more?

The business world is a constant competition. Even more so when it comes to beverage giants such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi . These large companies have long been among the top earners year after year. That is why if you want to know which one sells the most, you should continue reading to find out the final result.

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COCA-COLA vs PEPSI: Which soft drink company sells more?

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  1. Which company was founded first Coca-Cola or Pepsi?
  2. Who sells more Coca-Cola and Pepsi?
    1. Who sells more Pepsi or Coca-Cola in the United States?
  3. Pepsi and Coca-Cola products for sale
  4. What other soft drink company competes with Coca-Cola?
    1. Dr Pepper
    2. Big Cola

Which company was founded first Coca-Cola or Pepsi?

Big corporations like Coca-Cola or Pepsi have been in the international market for a long time and their sales are big. And it is not for less, since they are the two best-known brands in the world. Visiting the official Coca-Cola website you can see the various products that it offers and sells.

Coca-Cola was founded a long time ago, it was created in 1892, while Pepsi was born in 1965 in the US It’s incredible, but Coca-Cola was already more than seventy years old before its competition saw the light for first time. From there, these two companies have embarked on a long rivalry in sales that lasts to this day in order to see who has more sales.

Who sells more Coca-Cola and Pepsi?

In the United States, people generally prefer to consume more Coca-Cola. So much so that, according to estimates, 1.6 billion units are sold each year. And adding the sales of Diet Coke results in a total of 927 million . Pepsi, by comparison, is in third place with 892 million sodas distributed.

Now, worldwide sales are abysmal, since Coca-Cola sells 190 million soft drinks a day in 200 countries. For which he bills a large amount of money. Much more than its two main competitors, the Austrian energy drink Red Bull in second place and Pepsi in third position.

Who sells more Pepsi or Coca-Cola in the United States?

In the soda industry and between companies like these two in the US, there is a lot of rivalry and competition . The sale of these drinks is very large per year. However, the one that surpasses consumption is the Coca-Cola company. Since in the United States it is sold and bought is more. This information is given, thanks to the fact that the sales are published and seen in real time.

Pepsi and Coca-Cola products for sale

Now, these companies have a smaller company at their disposal, in order to continue expanding. These sub brands also compete with each other. An example is the case of Light or non-carbonated soft drinks. They both have these in their sales repertoire.

The information is that there is competition in everything. Both Pepsi and the Coca Cola company compete in water with Nevada and Ciel. Energy drinks like Gatorade and Monster. Also between fritters like Doritos, Chistris, pringles. These last ones are consumed in Spain, just like the Fanta soda, whose sale is great.

What other soft drink company competes with Coca-Cola?

In the field of beverages there has always been a lot of competition to be the top seller of these. And Coca-Cola, without a doubt, is the leading company in this market, even in Spain it is consumed. However, it must be said that there are other brands that have soft drinks similar to those already mentioned.

Which are Dr Pepper and Big Cola. It is worth mentioning that these are not as well known as Pepsi or Red Bull. Even so, over time they have become increasingly consolidated in the world of beverages .

Dr Pepper

This brand of carbonated soft drinks is of American origin, it was founded in the 1880s. However, Dr Pepper began to be marketed in the United States in 1904. Later it reached Europe, Asia, South America, North America, Australia , New Zealand and South Africa.

It is necessary to mention that, Dr Pepper does not come close in terms of annual sales and profits compared to Coca-Cola or Pepsi. Since it enters about 11 billion dollars each year , although little by little it has been improving in this regard.

Big Cola

Now it is the turn of a drink that has its origin in South America. This company was founded in Peru by the AJE group, and began marketing its soft drink in 1988. In terms of sales, it falls somewhat short, since it is not as well known as the other brands already mentioned.

This is due to the fact that its market is more focused on Latin America, for which the distributed units are much more modest . Information from Big Cola is that it achieved approximately 250 million liters of this refreshing drink in 2007, it is considered a company that sells a lot.

Although its goal is to reach more places with its sales, since it is currently present in 12 countries, nothing more. At the moment, the growth of this company has greatly improved, since it currently sells 2,000 million liters a year. Which leaves a profit margin of 600 million dollars.

This also benefits a lot in terms of improving infrastructure. This company has 24 plants and around 10,000 employees in different territories, both in Peru and Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, among others. Delivery services are becoming very popular. Discover how to place your order on Rappi by following the following procedure step by step.


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