How to make money with PayPal

The ways to earn money with PayPal are as endless as your creativity allows you to think of all the alternatives you want; from mobile games, social networks, survey applications, creating content on the Internet, performing small tasks … in short, a universe of opportunities and in this work we will talk about all the possible alternatives that we know.

The amount of money you earn in PayPal will depend on the time you want to dedicate to get it , especially since they are almost always activities that require you to dedicate hours of connection and that will translate into real money that you can use anywhere in the world, in addition to that anyone can open a PayPal account in minutes.

How to create a US PayPal account

First things first: how to open a PayPal account

We have a whole guide on how to get an account in this electronic wallet , however, we give you a brief explanation so that you can know everything about that first step and that is that before generating the money, you have to have where to receive it.

PayPal is an online payment platform , where you can receive and send money. It works like a bank account, but you only require an email to execute the operations, it does not generate physical instruments and it does not have maintenance commissions, the commissions are charged at the time of making or receiving a payment, with a percentage associated with the amount of the transaction What you do.

Creating a PayPal account is as easy as opening the platform’s website and following the steps that the system itself indicates to complete the process, however, you must bear in mind that before starting the registration process you must have a bank account or some instrument, such as a card, so that you can associate it and thus your profile is verified.

People who do not verify their PayPal profile have the risk that their account will be blocked and they may lose the money they have in their wallet, this is because the platform is quite sensitive to the type of operations that are carried out and not having certainty of the user’s identity, they consider that they may be fraudulent operations.

The money you earn from PayPal can be withdrawn to a bank account , which must be in the user’s name and is the same that you will use when creating and verifying your profile, in this way there will be no way that security flaws and scams can occur .

Make money on PayPal on TikTok and Kwai

This is definitely the main way to earn money at PayPal today, many young people and content creators have turned to promoting videos that guarantee them a certain virality , which ensures that the platforms pay enough money for it.

TikTok and Kwai are currently the most popular platforms for making money on PayPal. In the case of TikTok there are different ways to achieve this , from the Creator Marketplace, which is a space where tiktokers and brands come together to make campaigns, to the TikTok creator fund, in which the platform pays the influencers for their most popular content.

The other way to earn money on TikTok with your PayPal account is direct, people with a few thousand followers can do live broadcasts and receive gifts that become diamonds and those diamonds end up being real money that you can then pass on to your PayPal. To give you an idea, about 10,000 diamonds equals about 50 euros of profit.

Kwai is another of the platforms that pays in PayPal , it is a very popular Asian social network currently in Latin America and the interesting thing about this alternative is that you will always earn some money, either by watching the videos, by creating content and also because You join as an influencer within the platform, they take into account your performance in other social networks so that you start charging from day one.

The money you earn from the Kwai can be withdrawn to your PayPal account once you have collected about 10 dollars or its equivalent, but the amount of money you monetize will depend on the location where you register your account, since each country in which is enabled the social network has different conditions to earn money.

Make money on PayPal with Instagram

Although it is a social network, like the previous alternatives, we did not want to put them together since we want you to pay special attention to what we will tell you. On Instagram you can make a lot of money in PayPal , although not in the way that the previous alternatives offer it, but you should consider some other options that will definitely allow you to make real profits with your profile, but without being paid by Instagram directly.

There are different options that you can consider, from selling your photos, associating with platforms that connect influencers with brands and selling campaigns , creating a virtual store and many other options that we will talk about in this section.

  • Socialpubli: This is one of the most popular Marketplace in Spanish, there you will be able to a large number of campaigns that are associated with your profile, your type of audience, your number of followers and the best, you will charge directly to your PayPal account, but you must Keep in mind some aspects, such as, for example, that you can withdraw the money after having reached a minimum amount and the payment can be done 45 days after receiving the balance in your Socialpubli profile.
  • Influence4you: This is a Marketplace alternative, as with Socialpubli, the difference in this alternative is that it takes into account many more elements about your profile to offer you available campaigns. Although it also offers the alternative of sending you gift products, Amazon cards, it also offers PayPal payments in some available campaigns.
  • Affiliate Marketing: Many online stores and brands have affiliate marketing, it means that they will pay you for each sale of a product or service that is made through a unique link that you must place in your publications, for example, if you are in the Fitness world and a sportswear brand has this program, when you register and place it in your publication, they will make a payment (probably by PayPal) after having accumulated an amount of money in sales commissions.

Earn money in PayPal playing with your mobile

Another alternative to make money with PayPal is playing from your mobile , we are not kidding you, there are games that really pay and that can be very useful to make you a few euros , although clearly you will not become a millionaire with them, but you can have extra money to spend a few hours having fun on that screen.


We begin this section of games with an alternative that is quite popular and in which you can definitely earn money to send to your PayPal account, it is BigTime. It is a platform of minigames that you can try on your Android mobile and all the achievements that you accumulate in the 15 mini titles you will have in the tickets received and that after accumulating a small amount you can redeem it.

In the game app, you have a section called Bank in which you will have stored all the tickets that you accumulate , which you will receive for playing and that you can also increase them by participating in the raffles, receiving the daily bonuses and with a little luck, get the bonuses multipliers called Mega Booster.

You will be able to send your money to PayPal once you have accumulated the equivalent of 10 dollars and it is an amount that will not take you too long to get.

Brian battle

We move on to another title that is as popular as the previous option and the reason is that it has been developed by the same company. The guarantee that you have of receiving your money in PayPal is in the opinion of the players and also, being a United States company, it is obliged to comply with the regulations that govern this type of development , one of them is that it cannot be a swindle.

Likewise, you will find minigames that you can try and you accumulate the same tickets to collect the minimum amount and then send the real money to your PayPal account, the interesting thing about this option is that you can install both games at the same time and you can accumulate tickets separately for earn a little more money.

In the case of this game, you will see that it also includes a special section in which you can perform additional tasks that become extra tickets, such as installing third-party apps, watching some videos, watching advertising, among others.


The third alternative that we offer you to earn money from PayPal by playing is CashKarma, because it is quite popular. Here you can do different tasks for money and one of them is to play , but you can also perform those additional activities that will allow you to collect the required points a little faster.

The first payment you will receive once you exceed four thousand points , that is when you can send your money to PayPal. Something that you can also do to get higher profits is to use the code to refer friends, so when someone downloads the app and signs up with your code, you will receive a percentage of the money that person produces from their account.

Applications to earn money on PayPal

Now we will talk about those apps and platforms that are not necessarily for playing but that allow you to earn money with PayPal . These apps and platforms offer you to do multiple tasks and the payment will be received in your virtual wallet, which undoubtedly represents an excellent opportunity to obtain extra profits.


We start with a very interesting alternative and it is an application called Slidejoy, which basically pays you to use your lock screens to show you information , that is, after being installed you will see ads with news and various advertising on the locked screen of your mobile on your phone.

The operation is quite simple, when you slide the screen up you will see additional ads , if you do it to the left you can have more information about the ad you are seeing and if you move to the right, then you will reach your home screen.

The income from this app is passive, you can withdraw them directly to your PayPal account, but the only drawback is that you will receive the first payment 90 days later , after that you can have your money every month.


Another of the platforms that can help you make money on PayPal is iPoll, because it has a large number of tasks to perform and the opinions assure that they do pay. You will have to fill out market surveys, complete diaries with opinions about products and services, tasks related to the retail trade and you will also have to give opinions about different topics of brands and products.

You must create an account with which you will have to register your basic personal information , especially you must provide some data such as your consumption preferences and different habits, which will allow the app to assign you your tasks efficiently and also send you alerts tailored to your interests. and the location.

With this platforms you can make withdrawals for your PayPal account from 10 dollars or its equivalent in euros and it is a signal that is repeated in all applications and games that do pay, that is, you receive small but constant profits and in the end In this space we will tell you about the scam apps that you should run away from.

App Trailers

This application pays you for watching videos and for downloading some applications on your mobile that you must try, it is not necessary for them to stay on your phone, it will be enough to download and open them so that you have fulfilled the assigned task.

It is a fairly simple application, in which you can exchange the points you earn for prizes and also for money, with a minimum charge of $ 0.50 and that money can be received in your PayPal wallet, the only drawback is that it is in English, but it is so intuitive that it will surely not take you much to adapt to it.

Easy PayPal money: beware of scams

An unequivocal sign that you are facing a scam to make money with PayPal is that you have the promise of winning important amounts in a short time , for example, the games that tell you that you can withdraw the money when you get 150 dollars and that you can do it do very fast.

Most of these applications let you exceed $ 100 in points and then it will be less and less possible to complete the amount , until you finally give up and that has to do with how they used you to reach their impression goals and they will charge for that advertising. , but you won’t get your share for the job.

In conclusion : if you want to make money in PayPal , bet on official companies, the programs launched by the social networks themselves and the small profits made with apps with a reliable reputation.


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