This is everything you need to know about being a seller in Shopee from Spain.Shopee has become an e-commerce platform that has more users every day. In addition to buying products of all kinds, you can also become a seller and earn a commission for these sales. Discover how to sell on Shopee from Spain.

From the type to other platforms such as AliExpress , Shopee is a store of low-price products that was born in 2015, but in recent months it has been growing and is becoming more and more popular. In Southeast Asia and Thailand it is already one of the main sales platforms. The Shopee application is already the third most downloaded to make purchases worldwide.

In addition to buying products of almost all kinds in Shopee you can also sell both new and other products , even if they are used . This is one of the main advantages of the platform. Today we show you everything you need to know about how to sell on Shopee from Spain.

Top-selling products at Shopee include fashion, home & living, and beauty. What cannot be sold on the platform is animal products, fireworks, credit or debit cards, medicines or drugs or any substance similar to drugs, weapons or any type of replica of pistols, goods that have been seized, digital currencies and other types of currency, stampedes or counterfeit money or alcohol unless you have special permission to do so. T Also excluded will be sold in the cosmetics platform that has been previously used.

The first thing you should know is that it cannot yet be sold on Shopee from Spain. Although you can buy products, the option to sell items in our country is not yet available. At the moment it is only allowed in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Brazil and Mexico.


Now that you know everything about how to sell in Shopee from Spain, we are going to explain how to be a seller in Shopee if you are in one of the countries where you can make your sales.

The first thing you have to do is register in Shopee as if you were going to buy. Both to sell products and to buy you need to be registered on the platform.

Then click on the “Me” tab and then click where it says “Sell”. Now you must start uploading the products you want to put on sale. To do this, click on “Add new product” . Choose the category to which it belongs, then upload images of what you want to sell and make the description in the most detailed way you can. You must also say if the product is new or second-hand. Then you must select the type of shipment associated with Shopee or not associated.

To be able to make shipments associated with Shopee you must have shipping bags from the company. A yes if you do not have them necessarily choose the free shipping option. Then the product will be published for the users of the platform in your country. Remember that Shopee takes a 2% commission for the products you sell within the application.


If you want to know how to send from Spain in Shopee, the first thing to keep in mind is that the option to become a seller from our country is not yet available.

However, when this function arrives in Spain, it is most likely that the shipments can be made either associated with Shopee, as in other countries, or by free shipping as also happens in those regions. For free shipping when the seller platform is available, you can do it from any shipping management company that works in our country.

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