How Satispay works

Satispay is an app that allows you to pay in stores using your mobile phone , exchange money with friends, buy services and save by setting a maximum weekly spending budget. Also provided is the cashback mechanism for immediate refunds on your purchases. Read on to find out how Satispay works .

If you are wondering how much Satispay costs, know that downloading the app and using all its services is free, the only cost – equal to 1 euro – is what you will have to pay if you decide to use the app for paying bills. , pagoPA notices, car and motorcycle tax. Everything else is free .

  1. What is Satispay
  2. How Satispay works
    1. Satispay App
    2. Register on Satispay
  3. What you can do with Satispay
    1. Pay in store
    2. Pay online
    3. Exchange money with your friends
    4. Buy phone top-ups
    5. Save money by setting a budget
    6. Bulletins, MAV / RAV, pagoPA and car and motorcycle tax
    7. Satispay Cashback

What is Satispay

Satispay is the app you were looking for if you love to pay through your smartphone (the shops and services that allow payments through Satispay generally have a tag at the checkout), if you often share the expenses with friends and at the same time you like it. idea of ​​monitoring your expenses by setting a maximum weekly spending limit.

The Satispay app is available for free on the App Store, Google Play and Huawei App Gallery.

How Satispay works

The functioning of the Satispay app is very simple and intuitive, let’s see the main steps together:

Satispay App

Download the free app [ iOS – Android – Huawei]

Register on Satispay

To register, you will need an identity document, the IBAN of your account and the social security number. The IBAN is requested – which we remind you is not sensitive data for security purposes and unlike the credit card number it cannot be used to make payments – because Satispay is powered directly from your private current account (or from your rechargeable card with IBAN code).

What you can do with Satispay

Here are the main functions you can perform on the app:

Pay in store

With the Satispay app you can pay safely using your mobile phone in affiliated stores (not all stores accept Satispay). Payment takes place in a few simple taps: search for the name of the shop (or business), select the amount and pay.

Pay online

You can also pay for your online shopping with Satispay: use it if you see it among the accepted methods when paying at checkout.

Exchange money with your friends

Imagine you are having dinner with friends: you have decided to pay everything and get your money back. With Satispay you can receive them in a few seconds, the important thing is that your friends also have the app active on their mobile phone.

Buy phone top-ups

With Satispay you can also top up your mobile phone by selecting the operator, typing the number to top up, the amount and sending the payment.

Save money by setting a budget

On Satispay you can select the maximum amount of money you want to have each week: in this way you will notice when you are over budget and / or in general how much you spend.

Bulletins, MAV / RAV, pagoPA and car and motorcycle tax

You can also pay for the bulletins and notices of the public administration through Satispay. As well as the car and motorcycle tax.

Satispay Cashback

If you look for a store on the app you will notice a special red icon, it means that the store in question allows you to have an immediate refund on your purchases.

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