15 Best Nft Games To Earn Money

We bring you a list of the Best Nft Games To Earn Money that you should try and this trend is having a lot of success, because in addition to having fun, you will be able to earn money and a few additional euros that everyone likes. There are NFT games of all kinds and for all tastes, so we have made a very diverse selection.

Certainly there are NFT games for those who want to play for free and want to see the reward of their effort , but there are also alternatives for those who risk investing a little money, in exchange for speeding things up to level up and increase their profits, so at this point you just have to consult the list and decide how you want to play.

What are NFT games.

Before we start listing the options we have chosen, let’s first define what NFT games are and why you should play them.

NFT games are blockchain-based titles that use non-fungible tokens as a method of digital ownership, creating an electronic asset exclusively for the player or owner. This means that all the elements and profits that you obtain in the digital world are yours and you can exchange them for real money.ou can check all the information about your interested NFT Games at https://chainplay.gg this platform provides a lot of data from market cap, trading volume, to the price of the token of the game…

Each game has a non-fungible token that in turn has a value in a cryptocurrency, such as Ethereum or Bitcoin for example , and that translates into a value in euros or dollars, which goes up or down, but the better the game does. the more value the currency gets and that is the reason why money is earned.

 15 Best Nft Games To Earn Money You Must Try.

Axie Infinity.

Axie Infinity earn money nft game

We all know the game Axie Infinity . In this game you are in charge of raising strange pets and creatures that you will then face others, in order to make yourself stronger and earn more money . The currency of the game is the SLP and a daily player can get between 100 and 150 of them, if he plays every day, he could get about 4,500 SLP a month.

The value, at the time of publishing this article, of an SLP is 0.07 dollars , that could be calculated between 300 and 400 euros per month.

Alien worlds.

Alien worlds nft game

This title is quite interesting, it is a fantasy game with many races of different beings and you will have to use your cards with your best talents to win the games.

The estimation value of the virtual properties that you have in the game are based on Trillium which is the official cryptocurrency. At the time of publishing this article, the cryptocurrency is priced at $ 0.28.

This game has its defenders and its detractors, but there are more who bet on it and its cryptocurrency has a rating of 4 out of 5 points on Revain , which is the website that neutrally values ​​games and blockchain operations.

Ox Universe.

Axie Infinity earn money nft game

Ox Universe is an NFT game that is available on the Android Play Store . Opinions in this game are divided, however the balance tips towards those who support it. The reason for the discussion in this game is that earnings can be slow, but hey, you can’t expect hundreds of dollars if you don’t have to invest anything at first.

In this game you will have to build ships and buy planets , travel … As you can imagine, those properties are your NFT and you can convert those profits into Ethereum.Of course, if you want to move faster you will have to invest some money but that depends on you.However, what you invest in planets, galaxies and ships you can get back by selling them for a price in Ethereum or dollars , for example, a galaxy can cost between 10 and 50 euros.


Sorare game nft

If you are a fan of sports games, and especially soccer, you will surely love Sorare. Fantasy football is all the rage, but if you can also earn some free money with it, it’s not a bad idea.

In this game you build your teams, manage them, participate in leagues and championships, and you can sell and buy players.You start, as in all free NFT games, with non-tokenized tokens and the winnings you will get as you progress. This game is also based on Ethereum.

The winnings in this game are almost impossible to estimate with an average, because each chip or card can have a different value, which in principle is set by you, but then the market bid will give it a final value. A letter or token can have a value of 7 euros or 2,000 euros.



Moving up the list of the best NFT games we now go with a different game: CryptoBlades, a medieval role-playing game . Here you will have to face battles, monsters, arm warriors … and all that of course turns into money.They know that NFT means non-fungible token, in this case the NFT is the weapons and in the entire game there are only 800 thousand tokens available in the form of weapons and you will have to invest some money if you want to level up a bit, although the registration is free.

The official currency of this game is the Skill and it works through a platform called Binance Smart Chain which is a wallet for cryptocurrencies.At the time of publishing this article, coinmarketcap estimates the value of each Skill at $ 15.34 . For each battle won you can earn 0.1 Skill and if you do about 25 fights a week, you could get about 60 dollars a week.

Gods Unchained.

Gods Unchained.

We now go with another quite popular title and it is Gods Unchained. This game is about cards, in it you receive rewards in digital token based on Ethereum, in addition you monetize in its own currency called Flux.At first, when you sign up, you receive a deck of cards that are not really tokens , but as you progress you receive these rewards.You receive the coins for playing or with the sale of the properties or cards that you have in the game. Currently each flux has a value of $ 0.3. S nly playing, you could get criptomonedas equivalent to $ 20 in two days.On the Revain platform, this game has 4 points out of 5 awarded by the page


snook game nft

This particular game will surely remind you of something and it is the Nokia snake, but of course much more evolved and also with many other elements, but above all here you earn money.You must eat everything in your path with your snake and obtain masks, that will increase the value of your NFT.The currency of this game is SNK and in the last month, as you can see in this graph below, the currency has been growing steadily and at the time of publishing this video it exceeded 68 cents.The value of the Token is determined by the skills of the player and the rarity of the traits that you add to the character or snake you have, but we can do some accounts.

On average you can eat items and coin daily traits worth 10 SNK if you play for at least two to three hours a day, that means you can get up to 170 euros on average per month if you dedicate time to the game.

Thetan Arena.

Thetan Arena nft game guide

We are going now with promise game and it is Thetan Arena. This game comes with several gameplay modes such as Battle Royale, it is also free and you really do not have to worry about an initial investment, since when you open your account you will receive a free character, which you cannot sell, but which does generate profits.

The currency of this game is THG and currently it almost reaches 9 dollars in value and in the last month it has not stopped growing as you can see in this graph.Because it is such a new game and it is still in the testing phase, it is difficult to estimate profits , but during the game you can collect Thetan Coins and heroes as a reward, which is finally money.


Mist nft game

The game that we are going to show you now is Mist, an action role-playing game in an open world with a dynamic combat style in which you will have to face creatures.

You can have land to cultivate a farm and receive profits for it , also if you have special pets and weapons, that will add more value to your Token.We cannot establish the gains in time, because it will depend on how long it takes you to overcome each level, but on average you could make up to two thousand MIST, which is the currency of the game only in the first level.

This game started in October 2021 with a fairly low value , but it has grown a lot and in the middle of November 2021 it has a value of more than 20 cents, that means that if you take a month to complete the first level, you could have earnings of 400 euros.


Dragonary nft game

Now we turn to another title that has become popular among mobile players, we are talking about Dragonary, a role-playing game in which you earn cryptocurrencies . The objective of the game is that you create your own dragons, an army of them.Well, maybe they are less realistic dragons, but you can create new eggs, merge dragons, improve their statistics and increase their rarity, something like Axie Infinity, but with dragons.

With your army of dragons you will have to stop the advance of “The Corrupted Darkwing” in the land of Dragonarya.Each dragon created is unique, the achievements and battles achieved will let you earn more money as you progress . The cryptocurrency in which you get your earnings is Coinary Token.In this game there are two ways to win, the first is by playing for free and the winnings will take a little longer and the other way is by investing some money to speed things up … but as always, that will depend on you and your budget to have fun and risk something in investment.

To earn money in this game you must accumulate obsidians, which is what will give you way to the profits in Coinary, being able to win from 2 euros a day to 23 euros if you dedicate more time to the game daily.These winnings are related to the mode you choose to play, as I said before you can play for free, but your winnings will be lower. Those who decide to play for free are awarded three primary dragons of no value and will have to put in a bit of effort before they start earning money.

Alien run.

Alien run

It’s time to talk about this simple and fun game called Alien Run. You will notice that this title does not have very elaborate graphics, but your objective will be to run and jump, using the body of a small alien for it.This game generates small gains in bitcoins , however it will not be easy, since you will have to achieve some objectives first to be able to reach the cryptocurrency, in total there are five stages that you must achieve.

Once you have completed the five stages of the game, then you receive a kind of bitcoin fragment and as you collect them, then you can exchange your winnings for the cryptocurrency.Some people point out that the game is like that, because while you run and jump, they are using your device to mine a little, so you have fun and give you a portion of the profit for your “services”, although the developers have not given much light on this aspect.

You will be able to collect from 10 thousand satoshis that are the internal currencies of the game and that will become a portion that will go to the wallet that you have linked in the game.


Alien run nft game

At this point on the list we have Upland, a game that is available for computers, but also for Android phones.This video game is set in a universe in which players become powerful real estate agents and control the purchase and sale of virtual real estate and thereby surpass other players in their own missions, thus earning money within the game, creating an internal virtual economy, and this tells you that it is an online game and with other players, it is not solo.

At the beginning of this game, there was no real monetization, since you could not get the money you were making, however, the success of the game … or the loss of it perhaps … caused its developers to join a cryptocurrency exchange chain and thus attracting the attention again, thus everything gained greater value again and the players are made of entire cities, which translates into more money.

In this game you win at uPlexa and the winnings vary, because it will depend on the value of the properties you buy and sell. Of course, if you invest some money you will be able to have greater mobility within the platform and fatten some properties, then you sell them and there are your profits. You are basically a real estate agent but virtual.

My Defi Pet.

My Defi Pet nft game

Now we will talk about another title that has become popular and that is My Defi Pet, another interesting game based on the world of cryptocurrencies and some say it is the new Axie Infinity.This is a game of monsters that are also your rare pets, in it combine DeFi, collectibles and your own style to create as you like.

In this game you can have earnings compatible with Binance Smart Chain and KardiaChain. This game has its own token, it is called DPET, which has seen a growth in dollars lately and that can be very positive for you if you dedicate yourself to creating good pets.

With this token you can trade, exchange, improve your creatures and add new features that will make them more powerful and in the medium term that will mean more money.To play the game from your mobile you must enter the page through the browser and many people recommend Yandex Browser for this.

You must collect your earnings through the MetaMask virtual wallet . The earnings vary, but your goal should be to get the reward of the season and if you manage to evolve your 10 creatures to their maximum level, they could reach your account thousands of dollars.

 Best Nft Games To Earn Money You Must Try.


We are advancing in our count and now we include one of the games that is giving the most to talk about among Android users and that is that this title has reasons to become popular, starting because its process to enter is much simpler than that of Axie Infinity, that It is something that must be said, but you will continue to earn cryptocurrencies, specifically your earnings are in Ethereum and Popcoin, but you need to have a Coinbase account to be able to collect.

But it has a trick, and that is that not everything could be perfect, since your earnings are tied to the amount of ads you see, in fact the app keeps a percentage of the earnings made by the views of those ads … Yes, it is that it could not be that perfect, although it cannot be said that it is bad and users assure that it does pay.

The mechanics of this game is very Candy Crush style , you will have to match the same symbols and the more they are, the more points you get.

In each phase of the game you will see that your objectives are adjusted and of course, the winnings could be higher … although that depends on your skill.You will be able to advance in each stage and change scenery when you achieve recognitions within the game , but the trick is to have less coins at the end of the game, that will give you more bonuses.

Here you do not have to invest your own money , you are not risking anything more than your free time and well, you will not become a millionaire either, but you will get extra money if you dedicate yourself to being good in the game.


Another game that you don’t want to miss is Illuvium, a title that is still in beta but has generated a lot of expectations. This game invites you to travel through the vast and varied landscape hunting dangerous beasts, and it has a philosophy similar to that of Axie Inifnity, although not the same.

Players can create their team, challenge themselves, and outmaneuver their opponents.

After hunting and capturing the more than 100 monsters called Illuvials, with different affinities, classes and abilities, it is possible to fight in the Arenas or to trade them.It is an open world RPG adventure game that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. The token that this game has is SIL and every day it rises more in value, a bubble that could burst once it was officially available.

The game also reports: “Enjoy a new era of NFTs thanks to the integration with Immutable X. Zero commissions for peer-to-peer trading with instant transactions, while maintaining safe custody of your assets.”

NFT games you shouldn’t try if you don’t want to be scammed

Just as there are games that are good alternatives to earn money, it is also true that there are titles that can be a real danger and a total waste of money, here we name some of them.

League of Kingdoms

Let’s talk about League of Kingdoms. This is a strategy game that has become very popular, but lately the users themselves point out that it has many problems, the games do not load well and the packages that users buy to advance in the game do not arrive.

The moment you get an achievement, it throws errors and just won’t load. So it’s not worth it. Don’t waste your time with this title


Splinterlands is an NFT game in which you will have to use cards and face each other in battles, but the players themselves think that you could never recover your investment , as well as having many errors that can cause you to lose your patience and money.

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