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Plants vs. Undead or also known as PVU for its acronym in English, is an online multiplayer game that is based on the new Blockchain technology NFT (Non Fungible Tokens) , PVU is one of the most popular games today for being quite entertaining, but on all for its potential to allow people who play it the ability to make money through the internal economy of the game.

The economics of Plants vs. Undead is leveraged on its own token, which is called PVU and for a few days it has already been listed on all the pages where you can check the prices of current tokens and cryptocurrencies . Which means that the earnings you obtain within the game will serve you to carry out operations between crypto assets and obtain an economic profit for playing . Here in this guide we will show you how you can start making money as soon as possible with this entertaining and profitable game.

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  1. What is the goal of Plant Vs Undead?
  2. How can you make money with this game and in what currency does it pay?
  3. On which devices can the game be downloaded and how to do it?
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    2. Mobile devices
  4. Can this game be configured in Spanish?
  5. What game modes are there and how much money do you need to start?
    1. Farmers
    2. Gardeners
  6. What is the game’s weather cycle rule?

What is the goal of Plant Vs Undead?

The main objective of the project developers is to combine the mechanics of a game such as Plants vs. Zombies with blockchain technology through their own token (PVU), this to attract all those people who would like to obtain an economic benefit through an investment in their game, in order to grow their token within the crypto market. Currently, many companies are using this strategy to capitalize their crypto assets thanks to the investment of the players.

The objective in the game is simpler, it takes place in a world called ” Planet Plants “, on this planet there are plants that have inherited some elements of nature , which makes these plants have special attributes, so they have the ability to face creatures that also inhabit this planet called Undead.

There are two roles in the game, one is that of gardeners that we will explain to you shortly what it consists of; and the other is the farmer. To be a farmer, the player must buy a seed which has a cost of 100 PVU , this seed must be planted in a field that the game offers for free and will obtain a tree, that tree will have a production of LE that (the currency used within the game) every certain amount of time. In order for the tree to remain in constant production, you must take care of it and keep it with enough water, relying on the second role of player, which is that of gardener.

The player with the gardener role must help the plant to stay alive by doing maintenance every day, watering it with water and scaring away the crows that eventually appear to prevent this plant from producing LE. By doing this, the gardener will obtain an economic reward within the game for doing his work, this reward will be used to buy the materials that are required to continue working as a gardener.

How can you make money with this game and in what currency does it pay?

As we have mentioned when you are a farmer and you own a tree within Plants vs. Undead , this tree has a LE production every certain period of time, these LEs are the currency that will be used within the game, which you can accumulate to buy more seeds and obtain more LE production. For every 100 LE you have, you can purchase 1 PVU , which is the token that finances the entire game.

So it can be said that with the production of LE within the game, you are producing PVU indirectly , remember that the PVU is a token that once you have it is your wallet, you can exchange it for other tokens, cryptocurrencies or even your local currency through crypto-asset exchange pages.

If you are a gardener, you can also make a profit through Plants vs. Undead. Currently, what the developers have called Farm 2.0 has been implemented in the game , which will reward you 50 LE for completing a daily mission of watering at least 15 plants. In addition, when you water other people’s plants you have the possibility of obtaining a percentage of the profits that that plant is producing and the game will even reward you by giving you items such as a pack of water to continue watering, which represents a profit of 50 LE.

Even on some occasions, the game will reward you with the seed of a small plant that in 6 days will produce up to 850 LE just for being careful to water the plants. These LE will serve you to accumulate the necessary amount to acquire items that you can later resell within the game, such as tree seeds that can have a value of up to 100 PVU or what is the same 10,000 LE.

When you make a sale of an item in PVU, you can pass that token to your cryptowallet, so it is very important that you learn to create your wallet or virtual purse , since it is there where you will have all the tokens that you accumulate, which then you can exchange with other tokens or buy cryptocurrencies, make virtual payments in crypto or resell them in your local currency .

As you will see both as a farmer and in the gardener role you can make good profits, playing each of the roles requires an initial investment, but so far, all the calculations are in favor of the players .

On which devices can the game be downloaded and how to do it?

In principle, there is no official app for mobile devices where you can play Plants vs. Undead, it can only be played from a browser on your computer or laptop . However, some people have tested the game’s performance from a web browser on their mobile phones and reported glitches. Another alternative that has been discussed among the gaming community is to use the Kiwi browser, which is integrated into the Metamask mobile app.


To enter the game you will have to access from your favorite browser to the official game page https: and click on the upper right button that says ” Register “, once you do, you will be redirected to the Plants vs. Undead and before loading, you will be asked if you want to login with your email with your Metamask account. The latter is a virtual wallet that contains the main network of the Ethereum cryptocurrency and that helps to facilitate the management of your cryptocurrency addresses to carry out exchanges.

Once you do, you will be in the game and you can start buying the materials for your work in the game , whether you play as a farmer or as a gardener, the two roles that until the time of writing this article are available to users. users.

Mobile devices

For mobile devices there is no official application where you can install the game, and most browsers that we know do not allow the installation of the Metamask extension, which is essential to be able to carry out transactions within the game. What many players have tried is to use the Kiwi browser, which is integrated into the Metamask app , so what you have to do is install this app, configure your wallet with your email and a password.

After you have configured the wallet, then go to the Kiwi browser , open the official Plants vs. Undead and try logging in.

Can this game be configured in Spanish?

Originally, the game is designed for the English language, within the Plants vs. Undead there is no option to change the language, we assume that later this option will be available through an update made by the developers. For now, you can use your browser’s built-in translator , the Google translate extension or an alternative that allows you to see the full game menu in the language of your choice.

What game modes are there and how much money do you need to start?

Currently, only two game modes are available, that of being a farmer and a gardener, in the month of September the PVP mode will be available, 1 vs. 1 and even tournaments, along with a host of new options for all players. Here we explain the two game modes available so far.


To be a farmer in this game you must make an investment to buy a seed , which you must sow and after a few days you will get a tree. You can sow this seed in one of the 6 land spaces that the game gives us for free, but we can also acquire additional land if we want to buy more seeds and increase tree production.

Each seed is worth 100 PVU and will grow into a plant. That plant will have a production X of LE per day, which is the currency that will be used within the game and has an equivalence of 100 LE = 1 PVU .

In this way you will be generating income passively , just by having a tree in one of your lands, the idea is to have the largest number of trees in production and thus increase the income that they are generating for us.


Currently, what the developers have called Farming 2.0 is available within the game , this allows gardeners to access the game by investing only 5 PVUs , with which they must buy the necessary materials to maintain the trees and plants of others. players. By doing this activity, they will be able to obtain a bonus of LE 50 for watering 15 plants daily, in addition to the possibility of dropping seeds of small plants, which when sown in a field will also generate an amount of LE per hour.

The gardeners will also have to be in charge of scare the crows that perch on the plants of other farmers, this will give them a random reward and they will also have to scare the birds from their own plants, since when a bird is perched on it, the LE production will stop, therefore we will not be generating profit.

What is the game’s weather cycle rule?

In the game there will be 4 seasons, which we all know (autumn, winter, summer and spring), each lasting 7 days. More than 20 meteorological events have also been added , which will affect the productivity of the plants.

It is very important to take these events into account, since gardeners will be the key to keeping plants protected from the changes that these events can exert on them.

The weather cycle rule says that if a weather event occurs, this event will not occur again for two days . In addition, weather events will also increase or decrease the productivity of trees and plants only within 24 hours that that event is active.

We hope we have cleared your doubts about this phenomenal game that grows more and more every day, on our website you will find more useful information about this and other NFT games.

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