How to earn money playing video games from home today?

Today it is very common and more common than it seems to earn money from home through video games or other platforms that we use on a daily basis, without even investing so much money in them to be able to generate expected income through them, but where can you start? ? Next, we will recommend the best options that you can take into account to delve a little deeper into the world of online video games and related to it.

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  1. What do you need to stream your video games and make money?
    1. attitude or skill
    2. Optimal PC and good internet connection
  2. How to start making tutorials on YouTube of your favorite games?
    1. Benefits of ‘evergreen’ videos
  3. What is the best route to take to be a video game tester and journalist?
    1. Which social network suits you best?

What do you need to stream your video games and make money?

The first thing you would need to do is a game creator page , this is very important as it is the main base. Although, do not be discouraged in case you do not have the support of many people, your content will depend on the type of popularity that is currently taking place and of course have good digital marketing to attract the attention of many more people, even so, You have to have the support of at least 100 followers.

attitude or skill

Starting a new routine can be complex to do and especially play online and be constant, but with this new way of carrying out your day-to-day activities you can earn more money, keep in mind that the goal or the end of everything The time you will invest in video games and in the interactivity with the people who will follow your content has to be long-lasting , and the good treatment towards them has to be uninterrupted and firm in order to receive more and more support.

Remember that starting your page as a creator or in other words, a streamer, will have its benefits. However, you can only do it with the support of people, it was activated on your page, promote the game responsibly with your fans and offer them different options that will allow them to enjoy the gaming experience to the fullest, be skillful and persistent to know perfectly the type of video game in which you will be dedicating yourself.

Fans like to know everything in detail about the content they follow and you as the creator have to answer all their questions so they can trust your page a little more, be friendly, receptive, but at the same time prepared to guarantee their experience. However, he does direct at least 2 days during the last 14 days around 1, 2 or even 4 hours.

Optimal PC and good internet connection

This is one of the most important bases if you want to start transmitting or playing to earn money from home, of course you have to have a good working operating system, something optimal and that can be easy to manage for you and your capital. However, the minimum requirements of a suitable PC for these cases require:

  • Windows 7 64-bit operating system.
  • Have a graphics card that supports DirectX 11.
  • A RAM memory of more than 4 GB where there are at least 2 GB free.
  • Have a processor, either Intel or AMD 4 cores.

But not only do you have to have your PC available, make sure you also have a good internet connection good enough to broadcast and perform live without being constantly interrupted.

How to start making tutorials on YouTube of your favorite games?

Through the YouTube platform you can do a Live Streaming from home and in a few steps, in fact, this platform has been an excellent source of communication that has helped many singers, influencers and artists, increasing their popularity due to other different networks . who also link and affiliate with YouTube.

Even so, remember that to be able to publish videos or do a Streaming on YouTube you have to have the right equipment, keep a log of plays, especially the game in which you dedicate yourself the most, play or collaborate with friends. Be present so that they can make your page known and when you go to make a Live Streaming remember to talk to your fans, it is valid to be fully concentrated, but it is also important to interact with them so that it does not become boring.

Benefits of ‘evergreen’ videos.

As a translation into Spanish “Perennial leaves”, but do not be confused by its name, in fact, it is an idea that you can carry out when publishing content. However, to make “evergreen” videos, you can practically reuse formats such as videos where you can change the title and republish it on your social networks to make this content fresh, use your creativity to innovate and keep that content alive.

What is the best route to take to be a video game tester and journalist?

As a tester, you have to report certain additional elements that the video game lacks, consider any possible errors that you detect, be persistent regarding the duration of the game sessions, create analytical capabilities that this work needs, give your opinion to improve the product that you evaluate and the most important thing is to justify why the high economic rewards .

On the other hand, if you take the path of journalist, make sure you have that passion for communication , the purpose is to offer academic training and / or professional experience of the video games that you evaluate, with only having the basics you could even pursue a career as a journalist of video games, it will pay off in the long run and is a way to get a shot at belonging to a family of copywriters.

Any option you decide to take will be valid in the long term, remember to be persistent with your work and have a good relationship with other people in this path of the world of online games to have expected income and even a stable future if you are passionate about this type of content.

Which social network suits you best?

It would be the YouTube platform for sure , but right now Twitch or Patreon are similar in terms of payment system and are really popular to get your content out there these days, also choose to share your content on all your social networks like Facebook and Instagram.

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