In which part of Spain can I use Gorillas to order home delivery?

Surely you know what Gorilla ‘s is, and you agree that it is one of the most reliable and fast delivery services today. It is one of the companies that are giving people something to talk about for their excellent work. This is found in different parts of Europe. However,  he settled in Spain and is here to stay thanks to his way of serving customers.

So far only a few provinces in which it operates have been located and for these cities, they will be able to enjoy the products they offer and their delivery service. But if you still don’t know in which towns in Spain the company is located, keep reading because here we will tell you the answer.

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  1. Is it possible to use Gorillas in Barcelona?
  2. If I am in Madrid, can I use Gorillas for home services?
    1. Being in Valencia, can you order at Gorillas?
  3. Can I use Gorillas throughout the city of Zaragoza?

Is it possible to use Gorillas in Barcelona?

The Gorillas app was born in the city of Berlin and over time it has expanded to more than 30 locations in Europe, including Amsterdam, London and others. However, it has arrived in Barcelona, ​​the capital of Catalonia in 2021 , to provide each of its services. Among which, bringing the products from the market list to the door of the house in a few minutes.

Now, this application differs from others because of the type of methodology it uses. In addition, it is dedicated to serving the needs of its customers. Also, try to get the order to the door of the house through its dark store. Which means that the purchases come from stores that sell exclusively for this company.

Gorillas was established in Barcelona because it is a strategic point where there are a large number of tourists and residential people who make use of delivery. Although in this area there are other companies dedicated to this service, this is one of the most outstanding. In addition, it is found in some parts of Barcelona such as the following:

  • Arc de Triomf.
  • Eixample Dreta.
  • Eixample Esquerra.
  • Les Cortes.

Therefore, if you are in any of the locations that have been mentioned, you will be able to enjoy the good service of Gorillas. So, all you have to do is download the app on your mobile phone, which is available in the Google Play Store. You can also download it from the App Store for iOS devices, so you can contact the company.

If I am in Madrid, can I use Gorillas for home services?

Another strategic point where any company dedicated to delivery has to be in the city of Madrid. It is hoped that it can reach many more provinces so that users have the opportunity to enjoy the service .

However, the ghost supermarkets of Gorillas are operating in Madrid thanks to the large number of inhabitants in the area. It is necessary to remember that Gorillas settle in places where there is movement and number of people. In addition, the company is located in some areas of Madrid, so if you find yourself in them you can enjoy this app.

Besides, you will have a delivery that will take about 10 minutes until they knock on the door of the house. That is why it is important to know the main distribution areas of Gorillas in Madrid:

  • Four ways.

Being in Valencia, can you order at Gorillas?

Gorillas provides its customers with quality products and above all fresh food with anyone who wants it. That is why, every day more users are added to use the application as their first option for delivery. In addition, due to the popularity of the app, it has managed to expand to many more cities in Spanish territory.

Apart from the other towns that have been mentioned where the Gorillas company is located, there is another one in particular that has its services. It is nothing more than the province of Valencia that already has the delivery benefit of this company available. In addition, it was established in the area because many of the users find it easy to use an app that takes care of their purchases.

In one of the towns that Gorillas is located in the province of Valencia, it is Mestalla. There its inhabitants enjoy placing orders without any problem. Additionally, the product requested through the application will arrive in your estimated time of 10 minutes. This limit was established by the company and is one of its rules.

Also another area that has the service of this application is Eixample Ruzafa. Now, if you are in that place, you can pick up the phone and place the order so that they bring the requested products. In addition, it will take very little time for the purchase to arrive at the door of the house due to the efficiency of the workers.

Can I use Gorillas throughout the city of Zaragoza?

It is estimated that this service will reach many more provinces in Spain so that each of the inhabitants can enjoy the app. However, currently it is not yet available in Zaragoza, so it is very sad.

But even so, you do not have to worry because the company is doing its best to establish itself in the area. In addition, everything will depend on the demand that there is with the use of the delivery application.

It is important to note that Gorillas is available in another province of Spain and it is Alicante, so if you live in that area you can use the app. In this way, contrary to high quality products and excellent service by the company’s workers.


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