If I am in Spain, can I buy and sell on Etsy?

If you are in the area of ​​Spain, you can make use of virtual stores, to carry out your commercial operations in that region. This is because in this part of the continent, we have support for users and facilities for  them to publish their crafts. In addition, it is considered to be one of the areas where they are most given to the task of buying and selling on Etsy.

You must understand that in Spain, the products that identify this country are shown a lot. In this way, people from outside the region can get to know and acquire the material that is shown there. In addition, they will be able to know the crafts that are made.

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  1. How to download Etsy on my mobile?
    1. With an Android device
    2. on my iPhone
  2. How to find Spanish stores within Etsy?
  3. How can I sell or buy from the USA with Etsy?

How to download Etsy on my mobile?

Currently, it is considered one of the best pages for buying and selling items that you can get. However, it is available for both computers and mobile devices, either on websites or in an App. But the function remains the same, and the options do not change at all.

Many of the users who have had the opportunity to have it on their cell phones have highlighted it as excellent. This is due to its great capacity for options and security policies in privacy and purchases. So, you can make transactions safely and without running the risk of fraud or loss of the product.

With an Android device

To get the Etsy App on your Android mobile , you must enter the Play Store and search for it. In this way, you will be able to access the application and its wide repertoire of options.

Following this, you will have to enter your personal data such as email, phone number, name and surname. Now, if you have a problem in your store, you have solutions such as:

  1. Opt for another one that is compatible with Android
  2. Download the mobile version from the official page
  3. get the app from a third-party online store

Emphasis must be placed on the last two alternatives. Regarding the second point, you have to make sure you get the Android version and when you transfer it to your device, grant the corresponding permissions. Regarding the third point, this is at your own risk and discretion, because downloads from unofficial sources can bring with them malicious files and programs.

on my iPhone

In the case of having an iPhone device, you can enter the Apple Store and do the same procedure as on Android. We only have to look for the Etsy App and download it in order to place the same email information , cell phone number, among others. All this with the purpose of creating your account on the page and carrying out the sale and purchase of handicrafts.

How to find Spanish stores within Etsy?

Within the Etsy page or app, you can search for any store that has this platform available to sell and buy. In case you want to find a handicrafts shop in the part of Spain. Go to the search engine and write ‘ Spanish shops’ , and it will give you several results that have businesses in this country.

These craft stores will display the best products and prices they have. All this is for you to see in a good way what is in that region of the world. Since excellent brand and design material is sold here that many people buy often.

How can I sell or buy from the USA with Etsy?

If you are determined to sell on a large scale, you first need to have the legal framework of your business in order. That is,  declare Etsy taxes.  This will allow you to have a business constituted with the required standards according to the statutes of law.

Taking into account the above, to sell or buy in the USA with Etsy , you do it directly from its platform. You must understand that when you enter the official Etsy page , international purchases are more expensive. With this we want to tell you that you will have to pay a higher percentage for being a large-scale purchase .

Just like if you want to sell to other countries, the platform gives you the necessary resources. It is only advisable to calculate the rates according to the country where you want your product to be marketed.

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