Main differences between League of Legends and Wild Rift?

Thousands of users around the world already know the latest League of Legends patch and are happy to play it on PC or game console . And it is that electronic sports and video games such as Teamfight Tactics, want to gain an impressive role in recent months.

However, Riot Games publicly released a new innovation that focuses on LOL . Therefore, a similar version is now known, but it can be used from the comfort of cell phones. Its name is Wild Rift and in the following article we will be talking about all its differences and similarities so that you are aware and decide which one to choose.

Main differences between LEAGUE OF LEGENDS and WILD RIFT

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  1. What similarities are there between League of Legends and Wild Rift games?
  2. How are League of Legends and Wild Rift video games different?
    1. Hero Modifications
    2. Differences in the runes
    3. The way in which internal championships are held is different
    4. In Wild Rift there is a metagame
  3. Between League of Legends and Wild Rift, which is the best video game according to users?

What similarities are there between League of Legends and Wild Rift games?

Although there are more differences than similarities, we can assure you that by creating a League of Legends account in either of these two versions, you will still maintain the quality of your games . Similar to Teamfight Tactics, the rules will not change significantly. So, you can rest easy if you have extensive experience with this type of video game.

Also, you should know that Wild Rift is an adaptation and therefore  it will not have the same functions as its original version . Since, it becomes a game with its own identity, but that preserves the essence that characterizes LOL. So display very computer-like graphics and your 5v5 system will still be intact. It will have one Rift and five participants per team.

How are League of Legends and Wild Rift video games different?

Now, before you go to the official page and go on to  download Wild Rift , it is important that you know everything that the game has to offer you. For this reason, we have prepared the following section in order to inform you and make you aware of the main differences between both versions . Only then can you make the best decision when it comes to spending long hours of entertainment on your PC or mobile device.

Hero Modifications

Calling for wild Rift, Riot Games’ MOBA champions will have considerable variation. Thus, you can find 60 different characters. Despite this, the computer version houses more than 150 heroes with unique characteristics and personalities. For that reason, if you have in mind to participate with your favorite, you will have to make sure that he is in this mobile installment.

Similarly, some champions ‘ abilities are very changeable on phone, as opposed to console. For example, Vayne becomes active and Twisted Fated gains stronger attack speed. Also, the animations may not be as realistic as you are used to seeing them.

Differences in the runes

Believe it or not, the runes in both versions of the game feature significant changes . Of course, there are times when the desktop version is maintained, but on the smartphone there are new models. Being Kleptomania one of the most popular and that you will love once you start playing from here.

In fact, the functions of the runes tend to present certain relevant modifications when it comes to operating. With the mobile, you will have the possibility to choose between some different ones where there is a variety of up to 8. Even, there are no limitations, so it is valid to select the ones you want without the need for them to belong to the same branch. In this aspect you have more freedom to play.

The way in which internal championships are held is different

Another noteworthy point between League of Legends and Wild Rift is that the games are more dynamic in the latter case. It is not a secret that the championships in LOL from the computer are more extensive, their duration is long and it could take a good part of your time. So, in the mobile version, this aspect was reduced thanks to its developers.

That is why you can carry out fast games that last only 10 minutes . A great look if you’re on public transport and want to have fun on the go. Also, in Wild Rift it is valid to choose your champions from a very simple menu that even allows you to stay on the battlefield.

Best of all, you can modify the settings of the rival bot as if it were your own action character. In this sense, it is possible to change the level of experience, skills and reward systems, as is the case with gold. All this represents a very favorable aspect for a more comfortable version without having to turn on your computer.

In Wild Rift there is a metagame

A very interesting point is that Wild Rift brings us a new metagame. What is due to its adapted changes that differ considerably from those of the PC . Thanks to such innovation, some characters will vary in their game version, being more attractive. However, the negative is that on Android and iOS the magic damage of some champions will not have the same effect.

Between League of Legends and Wild Rift, which is the best video game according to users?

With all this news, regular LOL players are giving their opinion. That is why most agree that Wild Rift is an engaging option that works incredibly well. Many say that the connection is punctual and the graphics are very faithful to the computer version that we all know. The maps are familiar and the characters remain the same.

The most positive thing is that the mechanics of the video game are very similar to that of League of Legends on PC and that is why it became the favorite alternative for users . Who can now enjoy hours of entertainment from the comfort of their mobile devices.

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