How to play ‘League of Legends: Wild Rift’?

By playing League of Legends in any language and if you want to enjoy it from your cell phone, now you can do it without any problem. Indeed, Riot Games brings to light the version for mobile devices , so it is possible to play LOL on your cell phone.

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  1. How can I create an account in League of Legends: Wild Rift?
  2. What should I know about League of Legends: Wild Rift before playing?
    1. What objective is pursued in the games?
    2. How to use League of Legends: Wild Rift controls correctly?
    3. What is the best hero for beginners?
      1. Blitzcrank
      2. Diana
      3. Jarvan IV
      4. Vi
      5. Lux
      6. Amumu
      7. Jinx
    4. What should I do to get new skins?
  3. How to start a new game in League of Legends: Wild Rift?

How can I create an account in League of Legends: Wild Rift?

After downloading the game, completing the tutorial or skipping it and downloading all relevant updates, you will be able to log in to your account . Simply select the method for this, we recommend that you use Google. On the other hand, you can also open an account from here.

In the event that you do not have a Riot Games user, the alternative to create a new one will be displayed. Once you click on the previous option, you only have to provide the data that is on the screen, that is, the e-mail and your date of birth. After the above, confirm the region to play and click on ‘Next’.

Now, you accept the terms and conditions provided by the company. Completed the above, provide the username you want on the account. After the step shown, your access to the game will be created , to log in just select the Google option.

In any case, remember that there are other alternatives to create an account. You can use your Apple user, Facebook and even Riot Games information. This last option will allow you to access your user if you already played the title on PC. In any case, consider that the PC and mobile accounts are different .

What should I know about League of Legends: Wild Rift before playing?

On the technical side, it is important that you keep in mind that the game requires a good amount of space to be mobile. In fact, the title weighs more than 3 GB , so you will have to have at least this storage if you want to download League of Legends on Android  or Apple devices.

In turn, the title is renewed regularly, so it is possible that updates are shown within the game that you must download. Finally, not all mobiles support it, but as long as the ‘Install’ option appears  in the store, you should be able to play it.

On the other hand, in the gameplay section, the truth is that the title is very similar to its namesake for computers. Of course, taking into account the differences that exist between the mobile and the PC. Still, you can expect a very Riot Games-esque experience .

In any case, if you’re new, you don’t have to worry, since as soon as you download the game, a tutorial will be shown. In this guide you will learn the basic controls and actions that you can perform in the title.

What objective is pursued in the games?

All MOBA games are similar, and League Of Legends follows the basic principles of this type of title. In the same way, Rift presents a gameplay very similar to that of its computer version .

In simple terms, if you want to win a game, you will need to destroy the enemy’s base. To do this, you must first eliminate the turrets that are on the way to the objective. In any case, it will not be easy, since for this you will have to face the enemy team . In turn, throughout the game, the count of executions, deaths and assists will be displayed, which will also add up to determine the best player.

The first team that manages to destroy the enemy base will be the winner of the game. In any case, at first it is best to play practice matches . For this, the most useful thing would be to enter the Cooperative mode against Bots. From there you can practice and improve in the game.

How to use League of Legends: Wild Rift controls correctly?

LOL Wild rift offers an adapted system for Android and iOS mobiles . The first thing is to adapt to moving the character, essential if you do not want to die in a game. It’s easy, just get used to the digital motion control on the left. It may seem obvious, but it’s a good idea to practice to get a feel for its location and ‘sensitivity’.

At the same time, it is essential that you understand the information on the screen. The first thing is life/health which will be displayed in a green bar above the champion. The blue represents the mana (also known as magic) that will allow each character’s abilities to be used .

On the other hand, we have the level that will be represented as a number just to the left of the health, this characteristic will go up throughout the game.

Instead, to use the special attacks of each character you must press the button that will appear at the bottom right of the screen. Also from this section you can learn new skills throughout the game, to do so, just click on the arrow when it appears.

If you want to control the direction of the attack , you will have to move your finger sideways, get used to it in order to aim correctly. Similarly, it’s a good idea to practice with each champion you want to use, as they all have unique powers.

What is the best hero for beginners?

There is a distinction between the most prominent character and the easiest to use. Be careful, actually the easiest heroes to handle can also be very good. In any case, as a newbie, it is best to control the simpler characters until you get used to the mechanics of the title.


We start with a tank, which is positioned as one of the best heroes and one of the most outstanding for newbies in the Great Rift Valley. Keep in mind that this character excels at taking damage, so he is recommended as a support.

As for his powers, his first ability, the ‘Missile Grab’ as its name indicates , allows you to grab an enemy and hurt them. The second ability is support, with it Blitzcrank recharges to improve speed when moving and making attacks.

Moreover, his third ability. The Power Fist is one of the most powerful in League Of League, with this fighting position, the character does a lot of damage. Finally, the ultimate ability creates a field that is capable of lowering the health of multiple enemies.


For lovers of magic, the aforementioned is classified as one of the best characters in this Android and iOS video game. In turn, he is characterized by his easy use, being an appropriate option for beginners . In any case, he is a good alternative if you intend to do damage, since he also has fighting qualities.

His abilities are very interesting, starting with his Crescent Impact , a 3-second lightning attack that allows you to reveal the location of enemies. Her next power is capable of doing a lot of damage, the Pale Cascade fires three balls of energy that can lower the health of several opponents at the same time.

The third ability Lunar Rush  allows her to close in on her enemies in a burst that can deal damage. Finally, Diana’s last attack, Moonfall, is capable of slowing down enemies, being very useful as a support on your team.

Jarvan IV

Another very prominent character in the Great Rift Valley is Jarvan IV, ideal for all those who prefer a PVP fight . Like the other champions mentioned, he stands out for his ease of use, exceptional for beginners.

This hero’s first attack, Dragon Strike , is capable of dealing quite a bit of damage, lowering the health of enemies. The second ability is very useful to protect yourself from attacks, essential if you are being attacked, and slows down opponents, so it could help in a joint strategy.

Jarvan IV’s third ability, the  Demacian Banner , allows you to place a flag capable of dealing damage. In turn, the speed of the character is improved. Finally, the final attack Cataclysm makes the hero make a great jump, which after falling deals a lot of damage.


One of the most popular characters in ‘ League of Legends: Wild Rift’ , perhaps due to having appeared in the Arcane series. In any case, he is also an excellent choice for newbies, as he is very easy to use. She is a fighter, so her attacks are close range.

As for the first ability, Wall Breaker, a charge is executed and the heroine makes a powerful attack, it can certainly be very useful for PVP situations. The second ability is the Lightning Shield, this power absorbs the damage received, improving Vi’s characteristics, making it faster and more effective.

His third ability, Unnecessary Strength , is devastating. This power is useful when you have enemies in the rear. On the other hand, his ultimate attack called Assault and Injury locks onto a single target, being able to deal very high damage.


Lux is one of the classic characters from ‘League of Legends’ , which are also available in Wild Rift. He is a mage-type hero, who can be very useful to fill the support position in the group. Similarly, he stands out for being very easy to use.

As for his abilities, we have the Link of Light , a magical trap that allows you to temporarily imprison enemies and even generate damage to two of them. The second power of this character is essential for teamwork, since it allows you to protect your teammates for a few seconds.

Brilliant Singularity, the third power of this hero can greatly reduce the mobility of enemy characters, in turn launches a beam of light that deals great damage. Finally, the definitive attack, Final Spark, allows you to recharge energy and then launch a powerful spell that is capable of taking a lot of health from the opponents.


Amumu might seem like an insignificant warrior, but believe it or not, he is a tank type character . In fact, he is very good at taking damage, so he can be a great support on the team. Similarly, like all the characters mentioned, he is easy to use.

In relation to his powers, the first of them consists of throwing bandages that will generate significant damage to enemies. The next skill Desperation, which lowers health for a few seconds, which is useful for scaring away opponents.

Amumu’s third power, Tantrum, can come in handy, as it’s able to lower the amount of damage taken , an effect that lasts throughout the game. Finally, this hero’s ultimate attack known as the Curse of the Sad Mummy, throws bandages that cause great damage to opponents and make it impossible for him to move.


We couldn’t leave and mention what is perhaps the most important and well-known character in LOL , we mean Jinx. This champion has been very famous since the origins of the game, although she is even more popular after the release of the Arcane series. Likewise, she is an excellent character, but more difficult than the ones mentioned above, she can be useful for newbies.

As seen in the series, Jinx the heroine makes use of very interesting mechanical gadgets . For example, his first ability known as Swap, allows you to attack with his weapons, exchanging between each of them and being able to absorb mana.

The second attack of this popular character , known as Zap, uses one of his peculiar ‘mechanical pets’ that will shoot all enemies in the area. The third ability, Firechewer, consists of throwing explosive grenades capable of slowing down and dealing damage.

Finally, Jinx’s popular Super Mega Death Rocket ultimate attack launches a very powerful projectile that is capable of covering the entire field of the game. In fact, this attack gains more and more power depending on the distance traveled, which is why it is super useful if you want to deal damage to characters that are far away.

What should I do to get new skins?

Just like after downloading Heroes of the Storm (another highly recommended MOBA), you will notice that within Wild Rift there are different ways to change the appearance of your hero . The first one is to use the in-game currency, with which you can buy skins for the characters you own.

In any case, if you want to quickly obtain aesthetic improvements , you will need to make a payment. These skins can be obtained from the in-game store, where you can also purchase new champions.

On the other hand, as you play, ‘League of Legends: Wild Rift’ will offer some options that allow you to obtain Skins. Riot Games rewards the loyalty of users, so you should from time to time launch some other aesthetic change that you can acquire without paying .

An example of the above is posing select chests , which often get cosmetic upgrades. In turn, in special circumstances there are events that allow you to add new appearances. To acquire any aesthetic change, it is best to keep an eye on the news about the game.

How to start a new game in League of Legends: Wild Rift?

Once you have completed all the tutorials (or skipped them), you will be able to play matches . In fact, the process is as simple as clicking on the ‘Play’ option, pressing on the previous button will search for other users who want to join a game. If for some reason League of Legends does not open, check if it is a problem with the connection.

In turn, it is possible to choose between various game modes, first of all, you have the normal one that will allow you to play against other players. Similarly, there is the cooperative mode versus AI (bots) , essential in order to improve if you do not have experience.

There is also the training section , which would be to practice, but alone, that is, without other players. Finally, you have the custom games.


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