How to surrender in League of Legends: Wild Rift?

The League of Legends is a very popular game, so it released a second version or remake of its GTA-style application. Which was named Wild Rift, it was not a Switch change as such, because some functions were kept, but quite a few things were modified. One of them the way the players do the tricks to surrender.

This remake version of Lol is not so different from the original, but there are modifications that you must learn in order to use the video game in the best way. For example, the rules of the game may change at the time of play. So, in this tutorial we will show you some tricks with which it is valid to finish playing before time.

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  1. When can you give up in League of Legends: Wild Rift?
    1. In which round can I surrender?
  2. When can I give up in the Aram game mode?

When can you give up in League of Legends: Wild Rift?

Within League of Legends or Lol Wild Rift there are several sections where it is feasible to play. That is to say, there are different modes different from each other. For example, in one of them you can walk around the world in adventure style, just like in GTA. While, in others, you have to assemble teams and fight with opponents in a certain period without extra time.

There are levels where not all players can perform well. However, there are daring people who dare to play in high-ranked matches without having enough experience, guides, weapons or equipment. Arriving at the battle they realize that they have no chance and it is best to surrender.

As said in the previous section, there are some differences between LOL and Wild Rift and the request or vow to surrender was not far behind. In certain games it is not recommended to give up, as it is best to go ahead and try to get up. Remember there is the target check, the final climb that brings a recovery.

However, if you wait too long, you could pay a very high price with your equipment, energy or money. The best trick is to give up on time , whether it’s from a mobile, PC, or PS4. To do this, you have to touch the configuration switch located at the top of the screen.

On some computers you see a gear, while on PS4 an arrow is shown next to the map. Click the Surrender button to lower the flag or initiate a surrender vote.

In which round can I surrender?

In the remake there is an extra advantage over the base game, since if you lead yourself to defeat, it is easy to give up faster. In this version the minimum time that must last in the game is 5 minutes.

For its part, in the base game you have to wait up to 15 minutes in order to make the request. Remember that, if you are a member of a team, the vote must accumulate at least four votes, otherwise you have to keep fighting.

In TFT games the round to reach is the Krugs round. Which is known as the number nine, but it is actually the 6 of the second stage. Wait 10 minutes until the surrender switch is activated and do not pay the price of defeat. Although, you should watch the game play, watch a few extra seconds to confirm if the conditions are in your favor or against you.

When can I give up in the Aram game mode?

In the Wild Rift Remake it is not necessary to wait for the upper levels (3 and 4) or Aram to be reached. Well, the freedom was granted that, if users have safe guides to defeat, they surrender, paying the price of experience and some points. Similarly, you can run it on different devices, just like the GTA changes.

However, if you participate in an Aram battle, there is a chance to request a surrender vote at 8 minutes . But the count must be unanimous for it to proceed, if not, wait until 12 and exit the match alone.


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