How to save battery while playing Lol Wild Rift

Saving mobile battery is something that we have all wanted at some time, since video games generally occupy too much, more those that ask for internet access, from the beginning the batteries of the mobile phones have not been especially good , we have a lot of mobile phones that have had the problem that the battery was very very short.

This problem has existed in most games with a high rendering on mobile phones, that is, if the game tries to look spectacular it probably consumes a lot of battery, even so there are many factors that you should take into account.

Although it is true that the battery lasts as long as it lasts and no matter how much you want it if it is already damaged or has a time of use, its effectiveness decreases, before replacing it you should try a couple of tricks and see if they work, since they  increase the time of use is possible without the need for many external things, for this we are going to start by talking about why the battery is consumed so much?


  • Why does the battery drain so much?
  • How to greatly reduce battery usage?
  • Procedure to reduce battery consumption

Why does the battery drain so much?

Your battery runs out not only when you enter your most common social networks , but also when it carries  processes in the background that you do not see and may not use, that is why your cell phone turns on things that it does not need or you have some malware that is causing.

How to greatly reduce battery usage?

Next I will talk about some important points when taking into account the battery life since taking care of these will make the performance in general improve and then I will give you the definitive trick to make your mobile perform more when playing with high graphics in Free Fire or any other video game.

The charger must be original

The batteries are charged according to a unit of measurement, in the case of mobiles it is Volts, these have a unit of measurement established for each phone and as much as we would like them to be identical with each other, they  are very different , it is because This is why you must take care that the battery of your device matches the Volts that your charger has capacity or otherwise the battery will have a limited time when you use it.

It is estimated that its effectiveness could be reduced from 5% to 55% and even more if the battery is very used or damaged, so if the battery dies before you can sit down to play, try to change the charger before battery (it is much cheaper).

The connection of the place where the loads must be optimal

In much of Latin America the connection is made manually by someone you know who knows about electricity, this is why it is more common than desired than different charges in different parts of the house to those established as “normal”, so you should consider trying  charge your cell phone in another connector and if the battery lasts longer, call a technician to check your electrical installation (different from the one at the beginning)

Procedure to reduce battery consumption

There are a couple of things that we can all do to reduce the consumption of our battery that will surely make you now have enough battery life to be able to broadcast on Facebook Gaming , so just follow the step by step:

  • We are going to carry out a deep cleaning of your device, this because there is residual garbage, cached files and perhaps a computer virus that may be consuming a lot of battery without you noticing.
  • To do this you must download CCleaner from the Play Store , at the end of the download click on “open” and touch the “optimize” button
  • Once fully optimized,  close and remove the application, it will not be needed later.
  • Go to the game once you have your device optimized and go to settings
  • Select “Graphics” and then “Performance” here you will deactivate the 60FPS optionand leave it at default or 30.

If you followed my advice and my procedure, your battery should have improved remarkably, in short if the problem persists you have a problem with the battery or the mobile, consult a technician.

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