How to change from Language to Spanish in League of Legends Wild Rift?

Language is one of the most important features of a game. Well, many of them have narrations, tutorials or conversations that are necessary to hear. So if you don’t understand the language being spoken, you feel like you’re missing something, even if it’s just shouting and gunshots.

The League of Legends Wild Rift video game has an audio configuration with voices in English. Therefore, if you are a user from Latin America or Spain, you may feel more comfortable changing the option . So the article will explain the process to make this modification, keep in mind that it is not the same as the one followed when changing the language of the original League of Legends .

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  1. How to change language in League of Legends Wild Rift?
    1. An Android
    2. on iOS
  2. How to change the language of the voices of League of Legends Wild Rift?
  3. How to change region in League of Legends Wild Rift?

How to change language in League of Legends Wild Rift?

In this search for a change, we will follow two different alternatives, one for the language of the platform. While the other is for the voices of the characters in the game. It is feasible to decide for one of them , since you may want to listen to the avatars in your native language. But, read the instructions and buttons in English.

A recommendation before starting is that you have the latest version of the application downloaded on your mobile. So that in the course of the adjustments no inconvenience occurs within the app. Also, it is relevant to know that you can use a computer, but it is faster and easier on a phone.

An Android

The first step to establish in these tutorials is that on your Android system cell phone or one that has iOS, proceed to open the application. Once inside, it is necessary to look for the symbol or image of a nut, which saves the adjustment options. When you find it, tap on it to display the menu of alternatives.

In the list that appears, lower the screen with your finger and enter the one called general. In the first row of the screen, you will see the language your Wild Rift app has been set to. In most cases you will see the English word large.

on iOS

On devices belonging to the Apple company, the process is no different from its green robot competition. For this reason, the procedure is the same in both devices. Therefore, once you see the configured language, continue with the next step.

Go down in the options that you find in the list, there it is feasible to observe a large number of languages. Because the League of Legends is a game known worldwide. Therefore, it has users and followers in a high number of countries.

Then, proceed to choose the language you want to read, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian or Japanese if you prefer. In order to save the changes, you must log out of your account, but not the application. After that, make a login that allows you to access again and see the alterations working.

How to change the language of the voices of League of Legends Wild Rift?

Now, if what you want is to change the audio of the game , you have to enter another section. This will allow the voices of the dolls or players you choose to sound disparate. This is also not the same as the path taken in League of Legends, so you must know the differences to play Wild Rift . The first step is to open the settings section.

Remember that it is located in the upper area, in the menu bar. And it hides under the image of a gear. So, instead of playing in general, you have to select the button that is named as sound. To be specific and there is a better location, it is the third option from top to bottom.

As in the tutorial steps in the previous paragraphs, you will see the language on the screen. There, you have to mark the language you want to hear, on certain occasions, it is necessary to download the audio file for languages ​​that are not from your region.

Log out by clicking on the semi-open door at the top. Then enter your username and password to log in again.

From that moment, when you start a game, in campaign or online, you will be able to hear the voices in Spanish. So, with it, you will understand the instructions and advice that the characters say. As well as the war cries, calls for help or complaints that are further away.

How to change region in League of Legends Wild Rift?

If you are a computer player, that is to say that the equipment you use in this type of war is a PC, it is also valid to make the changes.  Open your browser of choice and go to the League of Legends website or launch the desktop app. Once in your account, you will see that the interface is somewhat different.

What you should look for is an image of a planet or world, immediately the language in which you configured the game when installing it appears. Then, you have to select the one in Spanish or another, it will start the download of the language pack , so you have to wait a while for it to download and load. The same goes for voices and audio, you may be prompted for a quick login upon completion.

On the other hand, it is worth making a change of region, which will enable the language options different from those of your place on the map. For example, if you are in Spain, with the zone variation, you will unlock languages ​​from Asia or Eastern Europe .

Keep in mind that the change is not free, as it is worth 2600 RP . In the app, go to the store or market and go to the account section. There you will see the regions that the Riot Game company makes available. There are some that have not arrived yet, in the FAQ part of the website you will see when the updates arrive in the open area.

In total there are 7, choose well, since, if there is another change, another payment must be made. Your level is not affected, nor do they take away any of the items and prizes won. What may change is the username.


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