How to make my own NFTs and where can I sell them?

Despite the contamination of NFTs , they refer to goods that cannot be replaced . These are acquired in a similar way to using Bitcoin to make payments and are uniquely owned. In this guide we show you the ways to devise your own NFTs and the sites available for the purpose of making your sales.

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  1. Tools I can use to create NFTs
    1. Applications for the creation of NFT from the mobile
    2. How to make my NFT from the computer?
  2. Steps to follow to mint my NFTs the right way
  3. Is there a cost to put my NFTs up for sale?
  4. What is needed to be able to sell an NFT?
  5. Where to put my NFT for sale?
    1. The best option is OpenSea
    2. Benefits that only Rarible offers
  6. Procedure to put my own NFT up for sale

Tools I can use to create NFTs

The technology offers several useful applications in the creation of NFTs . One of the advantages of this process is that it allows you to acquire intellectual property and earn income through sales. In such a case, you will be responsible for providing the authenticity value in the digital asset. Afterwards, you will be able to offer the token through the blockchain.

The certificate you get from the object can be traced to access information particular to the NFT . Once you sell it to another person, you receive income and the owner of the digital art that you developed through a platform is modified. It requires a new account and a series of simple and convenient actions aimed at your finances.

Applications for the creation of NFT from the mobile

It is possible to develop your own digital elements by using a cell phone. In this sense, they have a series of Apps available for iOS and Android devices. The most recognized applications are NFT creator, 8 bit Painter and Go Art. Some of them are free and others are part of the group of paid software in US dollars.

NFT creator was created for terminals with the iOS system. You can download this App for free from the official Apple store. However, some features are only available in the subscription version . This tool has several collections of graphics that can be inserted into photos. Indeed, the application is ideal for beginners.

Also, it is possible to download 8 bit Painter in the Google Play Store if you want to create tokens of different sizes with images in 8 bit format. Which is why the App is perfect for designers who love classic video games. In this way, you will obtain original and striking works .

For its part, the Go Art program is attractive to users because it works on both mobile platforms. In addition, it is very easy to use and has various effects and filters with which you can obtain authentic and attractive NFTs . Therefore, you will have a better chance of selling them.

How to make my NFT from the computer?

To start producing NFTs on your PC, you need to register on any of the available platforms. You will also need to use a digital object in order to make it non-expendable. Once you open the tool and define your username and password, click on the profile icon and select ‘Create’.

Then upload the item, be it a video, image, 3D model, or audio. The file size limit is 100 MB. Write a name that identifies the object and a description that you want to show to the interested parties. Add an external link so buyers can see more details about your product.

Steps to follow to mint my NFTs the right way

Non-expendable minting is a process of converting a file into a crypto-like item. Thus, it is possible to delete, change or edit your NFTs that you have stored in a chain of blocks. The best known blockchain is ‘Ethereum’ as it is the tool of choice for digital artists.

Once the file is minted by the creator, it becomes a tradable asset. So, other people can buy it with cryptocurrency directly through digital platforms. It is even possible to program royalties in order to generate a commission if you manage to sell them on secondary sites.

Is there a cost to put my NFTs up for sale?

A special payment is required before selling your NFTs . In certain tools such as OpenSea, a gas fee is required the first time you define a collection and upload content. Therefore, it is essential to create a wallet or wallet and initialize it by making a transaction. The amount of gas can vary depending on the ETH commissions.

What is needed to be able to sell an NFT?

If you wish to start the token sales process, you must create your account on the NFT platform of your choice. Then, it is essential to mint the object to convert it into a digital asset and associate a wallet, be it MetaMask or Bitski. Write a password, adopt a signature and choose the chain of blocks where your product is registered.

Pay the rate established by the site of your choice. If you prefer to use a free option , you can use the Polygon blockchain. This project facilitates the execution of external applications with very low commissions at a high speed. Evaluate all available options before continuing the process.

Where to put my NFT for sale?

There are several places on the network that serve to offer tokens. Some work independently such as Opensea which does not charge for creating digital objects or collections. However, it requires a percentage of 2.5% in order to effect a sale. Rarible and Mintable are other useful alternatives that you can use.

The best option is OpenSea

Today, OpenSea is considered to be an excellent choice when executing transactions with non-fungible digital objects . It is estimated that the platform has more than 250,000 registered users. This alternative is very simple and also does not charge commissions. Access the OpenSea website and start creating your content.

Benefits that only Rarible offers

Another interesting option is Rarible. This NFT marketplace is very popular because it requires the registration of an account, the connection of a wallet, the selection of a file and the listing. There is no percentage charge for creation, but you will have to pay an amount each time you sell an item.

Procedure to put my own NFT up for sale

After creating the NFT you will need to customize it in order to offer it to others. Select the collection where your token will be housed. It is possible to activate the statistics option and block certain content so that only the owner of the object can see it. Indicates the number of copies and the chain of blocks (Flow, Ethereum or Tezos) depending on the platform.

Lastly, make sure you enable metadata locking . In this way, you can store your tokens and they will be accessible by clients who want to see or use them. This function guarantees the protection of NFTs in order to avoid loss or damage.


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