How to buy in Temu in Spain

If we think of Chinese online stores, our minds automatically go to AliExpress and Shein . But a competitor has just arrived that promises to make people talk, since we can already buy in Temu in Spain . Temu is a marketplace very similar to AliExpress that is characterized by its variety of products and above all by its low prices.

How to buy in Temu in Spain

The purchase process in this online store is very similar to that of other similar stores. The first thing you will have to do is download the Temu app in the Play Store .

In order to make your purchases, you will have to register with your email or your phone number and indicate a shipping address. Then everything will be as simple as searching for the products that interest you, putting them in the shopping cart and, when paying, entering the payment method you want.

Choosing the products that you like will cost you almost more than buying at Temu in Spain. Although you also have a search engine to try to locate the product you want, one of the best options to explore the catalog of the new store is to scroll through the Categories menu , where you can find the different options you have.

In this online store you can find practically everything , from clothes to toys to accessories for mobile phones and decorative objects for your home.

Is it safe to buy in Temu from Spain?

As it is a new online store, it is normal for some users to wonder if it is safe to buy in Temu from Spain . But keep in mind that even if you just arrived here, this store is very popular both in China and in the United States.

It is true that on the web you can find unfavorable opinions from users who have bought on it, but this happens with practically all online stores, even with the big ones that already have a certain reputation such as Shein and AliExpress.



In any case, if you don’t trust too much in giving your bank details to a store that you don’t know much about at the moment, you can rest easy because to buy in Temu in Spain, in addition to your credit card, you can pay with PayPal , so you only have to give your email.

If what makes you distrust is that the prices are too low , those responsible for the web assure that this is because they come directly from the warehouses of Chinese manufacturers, which allows us to buy in Temu in Spain at lower prices than If there are more intermediaries involved.


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