Isinwheel S9Max review: 500w electric scooter with arrows

isinwheel S9Max Full Review and Test . We thoroughly tested isinwheel S9Max 500w electric scooter with turn signals and dual brakes. Here are our considerations on this means of transport compatible with the new highway code .

Isinwheel S9Max review: 500w electric scooter with arrows

In recent years the use of the scooter in the city has become a common activity, more and more people rent or buy a device of this kind to move quickly in a green and practical way. However, not all scooters are identical to each other , many of these have excellent features and functions, while others do not offer much for the more demanding users.

Maybe you are a person who loves the electric scooter with arrows , but you are looking for the right one for your travels in the city. After several tests we have found enough data to be able to review the isinwheel scooter , specifically the S9Max model . Let’s see how this product performs on the road, among the best cheap electric scooters , and if it can meet your needs or those of others.


  • Isinwheel S9Max electric scooter: the complete test
    • Unboxing and accessories included
    • Design and structure
    • Engine and speed
    • Battery and range
    • Wheels and brakes
    • Lights and turn signals
    • Display
    • Apps and controls
    • Technical characteristics S9Max
    • Conclusions and price
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Isinwheel S9Max electric scooter: the complete test

Isinwheel S9Max review

Before taking a look at the review on the isinwheel S9Max scooter , it is appropriate to make a small clarification on the regulation of this product in Italy. Not all countries have the same rules regarding scooters , some of these limit the speed, others bind users to stringent safety rules.

In Italy, electric scooters are equivalent to cycles: the engine power must not exceed 500 Watts and they can circulate on urban roads and on extra-urban cycle paths, with a maximum speed of 20 km/h and 6 km/h in pedestrian.

Other provisions are:

  • It is forbidden to travel on a scooter with more than one person on board, objects or animals or to be towed.
  • To drive them it is not necessary to have a driving licence, but to be over 14 years of age .
  • Minors are subject to the helmet obligation.
  • Anyone who makes up their scooter risks a fine of 100 to 400 euros and the confiscation of the vehicle.
  • From 30 September 2022, scooters must be equipped with directional arrows, double brakes, stop lights and acoustic signals.
  • For scooters already on the road, however, by 1 January 2024, indicators and brakes will have to be fitted using kits “specially provided” for each model and compliant with directive 2006/42/EC .
  • It is forbidden to leave the electric scooter on the sidewalks, as you risk a fine of up to 168 euros.
  • It is forbidden to use scooters on pedestrian areas and sidewalks.
  • From half an hour after sunset, drivers must wear the high-visibility retro-reflective jacket or braces.
  • Third party liability (RC) is mandatory only for shared scooters.
  • For private individuals, dedicated temporary or annual policies can be subscribed. Among the latter, there is the Zurich Connect Home and Family policy or 24hassistance.

Now that you have a clearer overview of the limits to consider and the maximum power of a scooter in good standing, let’s see how the isinwheel S9Max behaves on the road .

Unboxing and accessories included

best cheap electric scooters

Let’s start with the package that will arrive at your home, the box is not particularly heavy, you will have no problems transporting it easily even by yourself. The polystyrene protection also allows you to transport the box without being afraid that it might break or scratch the product inside.

Inside the package you will find, in addition to the scooter, the keys to assemble the components , the power supply , the scooter bag and the manual . Definitely not a package devoted to accessories, but still everything you need to protect and mount the scooter in the right way. However, the backpack for carrying small items is a strong point not to be overlooked, considering other models in the same price range that do not have this element.


Electric Scooter with Directional Arrows - S9MAX, 5OOW Motor, Range 35km, 10'' Dual Suspension Electric Scooter for Adults, APP Control
Electric Scooter with Directional Arrows – S9MAX, 5OOW Motor, Range 35km, 10” Dual Suspension Electric Scooter for Adults, APP Control

Design and structure

best electric scooters quality price

The convenience of a scooter is not in question, but this type of product must also have an excellent design to be purchased. The S9Max model has a frame with light lines , combined with 10-inch wheels that are aesthetically very beautiful to look at. Although it may seem like a product with a minimal design, it offers you excellent material resistance and a young and modern look .

best electric scooters 150kg

The battery is located underneath and cannot be removed, therefore, charging must be done directly next to the scooter . The platform could have been a little wider, but still allows you to load up to 120 kg .

The main frame has an oval shape and considering the handlebars it reaches an ideal height for people from 120cm to 200cm tall . The total weight of 15.55 kg is the right balance between lightness and solidity . This fully foldable electric scooter when unfolded measures 1.15m in length, 0.50m in width and 1.19m in height; while folded it is 1.15×0.50×0.52 m.

best electric scooters under 500 euros

The handlebar allows you to interact with the front and rear brakes and a practical LCD display , from which you can monitor speed and battery. The accelerator button and a bell to warn pedestrians are also excellent .

Engine and speed

best electric scooters 500w

The isinwheel S9Max is a 500W electric scooter that complies with the decree in force in Italy . In fact, you can reach a maximum speed of 20 km/h by choosing 3 different driving modes . One of the most interesting functions is the cruise control which allows you to maintain a constant driving speed without affecting the battery compartment too much.

You will have good acceleration available , especially considering slopes not exceeding 15°, while for steeper climbs it didn’t give its best.

Battery and range

best 500 watt electric scooters

Choosing an electric scooter inevitably links you to battery life, often you buy a product of excellent construction quality, but with a bad autonomy. The S9Max model mounts a non-removable 36V-10Ah battery , installed in the lower part of the platform.

Specifically, the battery can be charged in 6-8 hours and allows you to reach a variable range from 27 to 35 km . The difference in kilometers is given, rather than by the speed at which you will use the scooter, by the weight of the driver and by the temperature. Driving on a very hot day and with a load of 100 kg, the battery yield is around 28 real km .


Electric Scooter with Directional Arrows - S9MAX, 5OOW Motor, Range 35km, 10'' Dual Suspension Electric Scooter for Adults, APP Control
Electric Scooter with Directional Arrows – S9MAX, 5OOW Motor, Range 35km, 10” Dual Suspension Electric Scooter for Adults, APP Control

Wheels and brakes

isinwheel s9max electric scooter

The 10-inch wheels are not only aesthetically elegant and modern, but also manage to offer excellent performance on the road . The honeycomb wheels are resistant to punctures , wear and tear and have an excellent non-slip tire . In fact, you won’t need to carry out maintenance and inflation, as they have been designed to last over time .

As non-standard wheels may seem, in reality, the driving experience is comfortable and above all very safe . The installation of the 4 spring suspensions , two at the rear and two at the front, allows vibrations to be dampened very well even on uneven road surfaces.

The scooter features a dual braking system , precisely by mounting a disc brake at the rear and E-ABS for anti-lock braking .


Electric Scooter with Directional Arrows - S9MAX, 5OOW Motor, Range 35km, 10'' Dual Suspension Electric Scooter for Adults, APP Control
Electric Scooter with Directional Arrows – S9MAX, 5OOW Motor, Range 35km, 10” Dual Suspension Electric Scooter for Adults, APP Control

Lights and turn signals

isinwheel s9max 500w

Maybe you are someone who uses the scooter even after sunset, which forces you to install reliable lights . The isinWheel S9Max features a front high beam excellent for artificial lighting in the evening, as well as a rear brake light .

isinwheel s9max electric scooter

Also interesting is the presence of the yellow reflector and reflectors for maximum visibility.

isinwheel s9max 500w electric scooter

But in addition to the front and rear lights, you can also count on two direction indicators . These are visible not only in the evening, but also during the day, and can be activated in just a few seconds using the dedicated switch.


isinwheel s9max test

We anticipated that the isinWheel S9Max scooter mounts a display on the handlebar to monitor the speed and other functions during use . In detail, the small panel is in color and high definition , not showing any uncertainty even in direct sunlight.

You will have no problem viewing the driving modes , speed , battery charge and lights in real time , without adding any particular functions present in the higher price ranges.

isinwheel s9max review

An interesting feature that we would like to point out is the presence of a USB input on the handlebar , very useful for recharging your smartphone or smartwatch while you’re on the move. The elongated shape and small size are certainly not the strong points of this display, but it does its job more than excellently.


Electric Scooter with Directional Arrows - S9MAX, 5OOW Motor, Range 35km, 10'' Dual Suspension Electric Scooter for Adults, APP Control
Electric Scooter with Directional Arrows – S9MAX, 5OOW Motor, Range 35km, 10” Dual Suspension Electric Scooter for Adults, APP Control

Apps and controls

isinwheel s9max review

A modern scooter cannot do without a dedicated smartphone app . Through the KCQ Scooter App for Android and iOS you can set the driving modes, precisely: Eco , D , S and Pendular . The software also allows you to monitor real-time information and remotely turn off the scooter .

Also interesting is the function for locking the vehicle , which replaces a sort of anti-theft device when you get off the scooter. Thanks to Bluetooth you will be able to control your means of transport within a limited range, but we advise you to always use a padlock when you are in town.

Bluetooth isn’t always very reliable , but controlling the lights and driving modes is much more convenient from a smartphone than from the display positioned on the handlebar. Once you have downloaded the application from the Google Play Store or App Store, all you have to do is install it and register with your email and password.

Technical characteristics S9Max

isinwheel s9max review

We have analyzed what are some features of this model, but we are sure that you are curious to know some specifications not usually reported in other reviews. Let’s see those mentioned and not which can lead you to choose or discard this electric scooter.

  • Construction material : aluminum alloy
  • Waterproof : IP54
  • Maximum motor power : 500W
  • Maximum speed : 20 km/h
  • Autonomy : 25-35 Km
  • Gradient : 15%
  • Weight : 15.5Kg
  • Passenger minimum height : 120 cm
  • Maximum passenger weight : 120 kg

As you can see, the scooter complies with all current regulations, never pushing itself to the maximum speeds and limiting itself to safety limits. Obviously the S9Max model is the flagship product of isinwheel , therefore, the general quality of the structural and software components is not lacking.

Conclusions and price

isinwheel s9max review

The balance between an electric scooter to buy and one to discard in many cases leans towards the product with the best quality-price ratio . You can currently buy isinwheel S9Max on offer on Amazon at a cost of 398.65 euros instead of 469 euros. Considering that the scooter is compatible with the new highway code , has a 500W motor , is built with excellent materials and features quality shock absorbers and wheels , you should seriously consider it.

Surely more was expected from the brakes and battery life, but taking into account that the maximum speed does not exceed 20 km/h , the 35 km distance is a good compromise at this purchase price. If you need a versatile electric scooter that doesn’t have to tackle too steep climbs, the S9Max is the ideal solution .

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