How to know where a phone number is from?

It is very common to receive calls and messages from unknown numbers and, in some cases, these do not match the code of the area of ​​residence. So we want to know where this number is from, what city it is from. Something that we must take into account when we receive a call from a code outside our region, a national prefix will be shown at first.

How to find out where a PHONE NUMBER is from? – Know your location

This will provide us with the necessary information to identify where it is from (what city) that is, where it comes from Yes, you still have doubts about how to identify where a phone number is from. Do not worry, because here we show you in detail how to know where a number is from. Either through a web page, Google Chrome or from our cell phone identifier.

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  1. What data is needed to find out where this phone number is from?
  2. How to identify where a cell phone number is from
    1. Googling it
    2. With the native identifier of your mobile
  3. What applications can I use to find out which city a phone number belongs to?

What data is needed to find out where this phone number is from?

Each country has a prefix that allows us to know where a cell phone number from which you are receiving messages or calls is from. There are even prefixes for states. Thus achieving greater accuracy in order to find out from which city they are calling us.

The data we need to know the telephone prefix is ​​found, as its name indicates, in the first digits of the cell phone number that has called us. In the case of being an international, we can see the prefix after the ‘+’. While it is a national, it will depend on where you belong and how you identify yourself.

How to identify where a cell phone number is from

If we want to know where an unknown number is from, we must take into account certain factors. Since although the cell phone range does not matter, depending on the model we have, it can offer us more information. The reason is that one of the ways that exists to know what city they have called us from or where the number belongs to is through the native identifier that some telephones have.

In such a case of not having said identifier, we can opt for one of the tools that we always have at hand and what better way to search from Google. Where we get all kinds of information and good resolution images .

Yes, you receive a call with an international code and you want to know where this cell phone number is from and which specific city it belongs to. We also recommend that you download an application that serves as an identifier. Either from the App Store, on iOS devices or Google Play, on Android devices.

Googling it

The fastest and most direct way with which we can find out what city a mobile phone number is from is by searching for its national prefix on Google. To do this, the moment they call us, we see the missed call or they leave us a text message, we will look for their national prefix. Which is after the ‘+ ‘.

This tends can be made up of two, three or four numbers depending on your residence and we can distinguish when it ends. At the moment you see a noticeable space to then point out the rest of the digits that make up the phone number.

In the event that the national prefix is ​​made up of four numbers, it will always be written in such a way that three of these are enclosed within a parenthesis. For example, ‘+1 (829)’.

Next, to know its origin, what we will do is open Google Chrome or our preferred web browser and in the search bar we will place the national prefix and give it search .

In this case, if we write ‘+1 (829)’ we will get the result that the number code belongs to a resident of the Dominican Republic. This country, by having three area codes, is specifying the area where the number is carrier.

With the native identifier of your mobile

Most phones, since this depends on their technical characteristics . It allows us to know where a number is from when it calls us. Since it has a native identifier within its system. So, we did receive an unexpected call from an unknown cell phone number. Below it we will identify where this number is from, to say, where it comes from.

In the event that it is a landline and that it is from another area other than ours, but still in the same country, the area with the prefix will be indicated at the bottom within a parenthesis. If the number that is calling us is from another city, the country of residence will be shown between these brackets, extracting the information from the national prefix.

What applications can I use to find out which city a phone number belongs to?

If your smartphone constantly receives calls from unknown numbers and you want to identify where this number is from or where these are. You can download an App to your computer that does this. Here are the apps you can use and information about them.

In Android: for devices with this system there are many applications that perform the aforementioned function, but among the fastest and most efficient are Caller ID and the Truecaller App. You can get both in the official app store that has this system. They are in Spanish and for free, but also the Premium version for more advanced features.

Downloading these is very simple, you just have to enter the Play Store, enter the name of one of them . After the search is done, you must open it and then click on download it. The mentioned apps will be executed once the installation is finished.

That is, if an unknown call comes to your smartphone and you want to know where this number is from. You just have to open the application in question and there you will find its data, including which city or where it belongs to. If you want to block this number you will also get the option that will allow it

In iOS: for these teams there are also many of these, but the most used are Caller ID and spam, Truecaller. You can download them through the App Store, they are free. The installation of it is very simple, you just have to enter the mentioned store. Then place the name of one of them in the search engine, when you get it, press download.

To use it you have to open the app and press activate, ready after that you can enter it and it will show you which city all the calls are from. It is important that you know that this App will not work for the ones you receive on WhatsApp.


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