Smith House (Chile)

Blacksmiths House . It is a neoclassical style house , located in the historic center of the city of La Serena , built by the architect David James, for the family of the farmer Don Pedro Iribarren.


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Located at Calle Matta No. 347, La Serena, Coquimbo Region , Chile .


The Herreros house was built in the mid- 19th century by the British-born architect David James. It was built on behalf of the wealthy farmer from the Elqui Valley, Mr. Pedro Iribarren.

In 1880 the Iribarren family sold the property to Don Felipe Herrera Aguirre, who in turn sold it in 1928 to Don Tomás Herreros. Later, in 1981 , Raquel Herreros Schüller acquired from the other members of her father’s succession the missing rights of her to be the sole owner of the house. Then various modifications were made to divide it into two parts, one of which is occupied by a school.


Casa Herreros is an adobe building , its façade with classic features stands out, it has lintels decorated with moldings, as well as fluted pilasters, while the floor is characterized by having colonial-style patios. Within its originality is the mezzanine located along the entire facade. It is a small semicircular arch , which resembles a circular pediment in the form of a “shell venera” fan, with motifs that are repeated rhythmically. This type of ceiling is typical of La Serena.

National Monument

On February 12, 1981, it was declared a National Monument in the category of Historical Monument through Supreme Decree No. 499 of the Ministry of Education .


Currently, the facilities of the La Araucana Professional Institute operate here, offering different technical careers.


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