Ballivian House (Chile)

Ballivian House . Building designed in 1913 by the prominent architect Otto Anwandter, author of other important works in Valparaíso . Since 1994 it has been the headquarters of the Santiago Wanderers Sports Club Corporation.


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Located at Avenida Independencia No. 2053 in the city of Valparaíso , Chile .


The Ballivián House dates from 1913 and was built by the architect Otto Andwandter, commissioned by the Bolivian diplomat , Alfredo Ballivián, as a residence for the family. Later, the building was acquired by María Teresa Brown de Ariztía, who gave it to the Teresian Carmelite Missionary Congregation.

In the seventies, the house served as the headquarters for the Central Única de Trabajadores (CUT) at the provincial level, ending that function with the Coup d’état of September 1973 , passing into the hands of the Valparaíso Military Garrison.

In 1990 , the building housed different entities such as the Civil Defense and the Isacruz company. In 1994 it was acquired by the Santiago Wanderers Real Estate, which houses the headquarters of the Santiago Wanderers Sports Club Corporation.


The building consists of three levels of similar planimetry, with a continuous facade with neo-baroque details, with elements reminiscent of neoclassicism and Art Nouveau .

The structure of the house is made up of masonry walls , reinforced with steel rails . The mezzanine is made of wood with Oregon pine beams and oak partitions with metal pieces. Wooden doors and openings, marble staircase and original parquet floors.

The central balcony, located on the second floor, has a concrete balustrade, while the others on the second and third floors have wrought iron balustrades.

National Monument

On August 14, 2008, it was declared a National Monument in the category of Historical Monument, through Exempt Decree No. 2551 of the Ministry of Education .


It is currently the headquarters of the Santiago Wanderers Sports Club.


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