House Carmona (Chile)

Carmona House . It is a typical building from the second half of the 19th century , located in the city of La Serena . It was declared a National Historical Monument in 1981 .


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Located at Avenida Balmaceda No. 1080, La Serena, Coquimbo Region , Chile .


Until the beginning of the 19th century, private homes in La Serena were of humble construction. In 1825 , with the discovery of the Arqueros silver mine, a great mining boom began that completely transformed the city.

This property dates back to 1855 , when Arturo Cousiño commissioned the English carpenter Thomas James to build Casa Carmona, which represents a typical dwelling in a prosperous period where people attracted by mining and trade arrived . The construction is an example of private Serene architecture from the second half of the 19th century.

In 1880 , the Galleguillos family bought the property, a decade later it was acquired by Gregorio Carmona, a wealthy farmer from the area, who kept it until 1968 . That same year, his daughter Aurora Carmona de Woodward decided to donate it to the Salesian Fathers of La Serena, its current owners.



The neoclassical Casa Carmona , has an area of ​​892 m², was built of one-story adobe , with wooden walls and partitions . The roof frame is made of wood, the ceilings are made of wood and plaster . While its floors are boarded with marble pavement in the corridors.

It has two interior patios, where the partitions that communicate them stand out, which have a decoration formed by combinations of geometric figures and beveled glass, which are typical of the city of La Serena. Its tower with two drums, the first of which is square , the other octagonal, with an exterior corridor, which was conceived as a viewpoint, is the only one from its time that is still standing and stands out from the building. It has a long lateral facade and impresses the quality of its main front.


National Monument

Casa Carmona was declared a Historical Monument through Supreme Decree No. 499 on February 12 , 1981 .


Currently, the house belongs to the Salesian Fathers of La Serena, who have divided it and part of it is rented to the Santo Tomás Higher Education Center, which has two offices in the city.


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