Casa Chadwick (Chile)

Chadwick House . Typical neoclassical style residence built in 1868 , located in the city of La Serena in Chile . It represents a clear example of private Serene architecture from the second half of the 19th century . Its facades are decorated with wooden pilasters and windows with bars, and the second floor has iron doors, windows and balconies .


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Located at Los Carreras Street No. 281, La Serena, Chile.


Urban life in the area did not achieve great development in the colonial era, concentrating a large part of the population around rural sectors, developing in agricultural work (haciendas) or mining, this produced a negative impact on La Serena, converting it during the eighteenth century into a city of meager economic income and a small population.

Until the beginning of the 19th century, private dwellings were of humble construction, the only outstanding constructions up to that date being those made by the churches , which brought carved stone from Alto de Peñuelas. In 1825 , with the discovery of the Arqueros silver mine, a great economic boom began that totally transformed the physiognomy of the city.

The Chadwick House was built between 1865 and 1870 by Bartolo Varela as a residential home for the Varela Pérez family. The work of preserving the property was the work of José Chadwick Valdés.


It is a two-story adobe construction in the neoclassical style, which represents a clear example of Serene architecture from the second half of the 19th century.

With an imposing facade, the building is made up of two bodies: the lower one with decorations made of wood and windows with elaborate bars, and the upper floor that has iron doors, windows and balconies with republican shields. The building has a false balcony made of turned wood. Its inner courtyards are of singular beauty.

Currently, it retains all the original elements and its structure itself has not been modified.

On special occasions, recreations of the Chadwick House are held, where participants dress in costumes and clothing typical of the time.

National Monument

On February 12, 1981, it was declared a National Historical Monument through Supreme Decree No. 499.


At present, the Professional Institute of Chile works here, where different careers are taught.


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