Casa Yunge (Chile)

Yunge House . It is a corner building built in 1932 by Don Juan Hitschfeld to be used as a residence by the Yunge-Hitschfeld family.


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Located at Calle San Ignacio No. 711, Puerto Varas , Los Lagos Region , Chile .


In 1845 , the government of Manuel Bulnes set himself the challenge of integrating and economically exploiting the area between the current cities of Valdivia and Puerto Montt . With this objective, the Colonization Law of the same year was enacted, which sought to attract foreign immigrants to populate said territory.

Starting in 1850 , German families began to settle on the shores of Lake Llanquihue and in the city of Valdivia, transforming the natural environment and culture by incorporating their architectural, gastronomic and musical traditions, among others. Economically, they gave great impetus to the region in the agricultural, industrial and commercial fields.

In this context, in 1853 Puerto Varas was founded, a town that initially had 212 German settlers, but that at the end of the century already constituted a thriving town, which was enriched with various buildings.

The House was built in 1932 by Juan Hitschfeld to be used as a residence by the Yunge-Hitschfeld family. It is one of the few buildings made by the German settlers that still exist in Puerto Varas.

After the 1960 earthquake , its structures were reinforced and protected by a perimeter concrete plinth with ventilation.


Side of the property

The house has 496.6 m² built on a large plot of land in the central area of ​​Puerto Varas. Its structure is made of wood framework , as is the cladding of its walls, made with wooden tiles. It has a rectangular floor plan with two floors and a lofty, as well as a gabled roof with a ridge parallel to the street, a central viewpoint over the access porch and a setback balcony. The eaves present ornaments and supporting structures with neo-Gothic reminiscences.

National Monument

On June 4, 1992, it was declared a National Monument in the category of Historic Monument, along with other outstanding buildings in the city, due to its heritage and architectural value, through Supreme Decree No. 290 of the Ministry of Education .


Currently, and as part of the “Puerto Varas Typical Zone Master Plan”, there is a recovery project for this property, which mainly considers its facades. The Tricycle Cultural Center operates here, where artistic and musical workshops, exhibitions and cultural events such as plays and live music concerts are held.


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