Schneider Hernandez House (Chile)

Schneider Hernández House or Schneider Palace . It was a building built in 1914 as the residence of María Hernández Súanes de Schneider, located in the commune of Providencia , Chile .


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Located at Avenida Vicuña Mackenna No. 44, Providencia district, Santiago , Chile.


The Schneider residence was built in 1914 in an old country house on which Vicuña Mackenna Avenue stands today in the district of Providencia. This house belonged to María Hernández Súanes de Schneider, from which it derives its name.

The building was bought in 1969 by the Sports Council, who later transferred it to the Chilean Olympic Committee. It was then occupied by a headquarters of the Pedro de Valdivia University .

On November 8, 2019 , after a massive demonstration in Plaza Baquedano as part of the 2019 protests, the building was attacked and burned down in its entirety.


The Schneider House stood out for its architectural design, its façade and a tall tower topped by a spire, terraces and a portico with columns that reflected the refinement achieved by this type of residence. The interior opens onto a hall dominated by a wooden staircase that climbs three levels; to the west were the most important halls, decorated with moldings, stained glass windows and mirrors .


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