Salazar Alcanzar House (Chile)

Salazar Alcazar House . Eclectic – style property with English influence built between 1905 and 1912 , one of the oldest preserved in the town of Río Negro . Declared a National Monument of Chile in 2012 .


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Located at Balmaceda Street No. 567 in the city of Río Negro, Osorno province , Los Lagos region , Chile .


The town of Río Negro was founded between 1894 and 1896 , from the division and sale of land from the estate of Mr. José Miguel Alderete, who also donated land to build buildings for public benefit: a school , a church and a jail . A decisive factor in the economic development and growth of the town was the arrival of the railway in 1912.

Construction began on the house in 1905 , apparently being completed in 1912. Its first owner was a man with the surname Bucarey, who transferred the mansion to Don Antonio Salazar, the first station chief of Río Negro. The property was used as a home by the direct descendants of the Salazar Alcázar couple, and was kept in good condition until the house was bought by the Copihue Farmers Association, which gave it on loan for 30 years to house the Cultural Center of Río Negro.


The mansion was built in native woods, highlighting the laurel in its finishes, its original cover was made of tiles, which have been covered in sections by metal plates, due to its deterioration. It is a building representative of the period of development and growth in southern Chile, with an eclectic style, configured based on European influence and the adaptation of construction systems to local materials.

The residence is made up of an almost square floor plan with hipped roofs and two small turrets on the east façade. A smaller volume that was built later is attached to the west façade, with a gabled roof and glazed galleries on the first and second levels.

National Monument

The House was declared a National Monument in the category of Historical Monument, on September 28, 2012, through Decree No. 418 of the Ministry of Education .


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