Casa Hildesheim Baviera (Chile)

Hildesheim House Bavaria . Property located in the city of Zapallar , Chile . Work of the architect Josué Smith Solar and built in 1924 . This house is a replica of the House of Hildesheim, built in the 17th century , Bavaria , Germany .


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Located on Avenida Zapallar s/n, Zapallar commune , Valparaíso region , Chile .


After the 1906 earthquake , which destroyed most of the buildings in Zapallar, numerous houses were built , forming the town and the spa. One of them was the Hildesheim Bavaria House, a building commissioned by María Luisa Mac-Clure, widow of Agustín Edwards Ross, as a replica of the Butchers Guild House of Hildesheim, Germany, which she met during a trip, and which dates from 1529 .

María Luisa Mac-Clure obtained authorization to draw up the plans and had doors , windows and beams made in Germany, which she believed would be difficult to make in Chile, and which were taken by ship to Chile in 1923 . The work was entrusted to the architect Josué Smith Solar, who adapted the land and directed the construction, which was completed in 1924 .

Later the house was sold to Benito del Villar, who divided the interior of the house into two houses, to be inhabited by his two children.


The Hildesheim House, located in the commune of Zapallar, is a manifestation of the architecture of elite houses from the beginning of the 20th century . Built in 1924 as a faithful copy of a 17th century Bavarian house , located in the town of Hildesheim, the adaptation of its plans and construction was carried out by the architect Josué Smith Solar, who is also responsible for the construction of the building.

The house is located on a hillside, surrounded by a large garden and with a privileged view of the sea . The slope of the land forced the architect to make changes to the original plan, which is why a fourth floor appears facing the beach .


The building has four floors in its central part and three floors in both wings. It is built on a stone base, in partition walls and brick , with oak beams and larch tiles . The ceilings have a pronounced slope, due to the set of carved wooden balconies, in which the upper floor advances over the lower one.

One of its hallmarks is on the façade, which is characterized by the large number of carved wooden decorations that represent mythological stories, with human figures and elements of nature.

It has several rooms decorated with fine antique furniture , lamps of great value and rich pieces of Gothic crafts .

National Monument

It was declared a National Monument of Chile, in the category of Historical Monument, through Supreme Decree No. 761, of September 26 , 1975 .


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