Casa Raddatz (Chile)

Raddatz House . Built for residential use in the period between the years 1916-1920 , located in Puerto Varas and belongs to the National Monuments of Chile since 1992 .


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Located at Costanera Vicente Pérez Rosales Avenue No. 1305, Puerto Varas , Los Lagos region , Chile .


It is one of the few houses still existing in Puerto Varas that correspond to the first constructions carried out by the German settlers who arrived in the area surrounding Lake Llanquihue in the mid- 19th century . The building was built by Christhian Raddstz for residential use between 1916-1920 and for decades it housed the Raddatz-Harrich family.

The house is part of the “Puerto Varas Typical Zone Master Plan”. In 2019 , the mansion was restored, a heritage conservation project financed by Fondart and promoted by the Fundación Bosque Nativo with the technical support of Moraga and Höpfner Arquitectos as part of numerous works that are being carried out in Chile thanks to the contribution of the State. , which aim to consolidate the property as a National Monument and as a benchmark for cultural activity in the city and the region.


The house has a constructed area of ​​677.8 m², is located on a plot of 1242.3 m². Its materiality is based on a framework of native woods, with walls and roof covered with larch tiles . Its structure is in the shape of an L with an octagonal corner and it has a plinth of 1 meter on average with respect to street level. It has a floor and a soberado, while it is synthesized as three simple volumes of different proportions that make up a large building with an asymmetric C-shaped floor plan.

National Monument

The building was declared a National Monument of Chile, in the category of Historical Monument, through Supreme Decree No. 290 on June 4 , 1992 .


Currently the house houses the Native Forest Foundation for Culture and Arts, an institution dedicated to fostering, promoting and disseminating culture and the arts .


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