Writer’s House (Chile)

Writer’s House . Residence built in 1927 by order of the Austrian businessman Enrique Schiffrin, located in the commune of Providencia , Chile . It is currently the headquarters of the Society of Writers of Chile (SECH). It was declared a National Monument of Chile in 2009 .


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Located at Calle Almirante Simpson No. 7, Providencia commune , Santiago province .


The building was built in 1927 by the architect Julio Machicao Fuentes, at the request of the Austrian businessman Enrique Schiffrin, as a residence for his family made up of his wife and three children.

The house was inhabited by the family until 1937 , then it had other owners. In the 1960s, the property was acquired by the Society of Writers of Chile, an institution that with minimal interventions adapted its facilities to its office requirements.

Currently, the Casa del Escritor is a lively place where they hold workshops, talks, presentations, among other activities. It has a small enclosure dedicated to the memory of the writer Teresa Hamel , and a series of multipurpose rooms and spaces that can host events and exhibitions.


The three-storey house is an example of nationalist architecture, it takes up historical stylistic elements and reinterprets them by adding others of a local character. It is a typical form of the upper middle class of the early twentieth century in Chile, with large interior spaces, profuse decoration and rooms for the arts . It uses parquet, marble , valuable wood, ironwork and the influence of art deco (ogee arches, heraldic shields, stained glass windows and zoomorphic figures in the form of gargoylesmedieval) is clear in its ornamentation. The interior luminosity is due to beautiful stained glass windows by an unknown author that combine drawings from the Tudor style with circular interventions, close to art nouveau .

National Monument

The Municipality of Providencia declared the Casa del Escritor a historic conservation property in 2008 , through Decree No. 131 and the following year it also became a National Monument of Chile, in the category of Historic Monument, through Decree No. 379 on 6 October 2009


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