House Furniel (Chile)

Furnier House . Property located in the town of Río Bueno , built at the beginning of the 20th century by Martín Ohaco Rehbein, a Basque builder hired by Basque-French settlers established in the Trumao sector .


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Located on Esmeralda Street, corner of Comercio, Río Bueno commune , Ranco province , Los Ríos Region , Chile .


Casa Furniel was built near the city square in 1906 and was commissioned by José María Fournier from the builder Martín Ohaco Rehbein to be used for residential use. Other emblematic works of Río Bueno are attributed to this builder, such as the Rehbein House, the Viertel House and the Old German Club, all of which have now disappeared. The property is one of the oldest buildings preserved in the Río Bueno, built at the beginning of the 20th century.

In 1966 the house was sold to the Illustrious Municipality of Río Bueno by Mr. José María Furniel Peters, and from 1981 its premises were used as the Río Bueno High School, and later became administrative and public service units.

The house was also known as the “Palace of Tears” because the Fournier family had chandeliers in the shape of tears that gave their mansion a special touch.

The house was destroyed by a massive fire on November 28 , 2014 .

Furniel House Fire

In 2020 , the Department of Architecture of the Los Río region publishes a tender for the reconstruction project and enhancement of the emblematic Casa Furnier Cultural Center.


This construction has three levels, its floor plan is compact in the shape of an L with a double bay distribution and a steeply sloped gabled roof, from which a tower with a needle protrudes. Its construction was made with noble materials and high quality finishes. Its interior, floors and cladding are made of wood and its exterior cladding is made of metal .

National Monument

On September 24, 2012, it was declared a National Monument in the category of Historical Monument through Decree No. 404 of the Ministry of Education .


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