Will Smith Happiness;Powerful Message on Personal Happiness

Will Smith Happiness.Will Smith’s message is the same one that has led him to the success that we all see in his career, one of the many celebrities who never lacks a smile, his secret is to take responsibility for his own happiness without her relapsing about another person.

What Is Will Smith Happiness;Powerful Message on Personal Happiness

“You can’t make someone happy, you can make them smile and feel good and laugh, but whether that person is happy or not is out of your control. I remember the day I retired, I literally said to Jada, ‘It’s over, I’m retiring, I’m retiring from trying to make you happy, I need you to make yourself happy and show me that it’s possible’ and then we die of it. laughter and we talked about how we had received the romantic concept, that when we got married we would become one and we realized that we were two individual people, on two completely individual and different paths, and that we decided to follow our different paths together and that their happiness it was his responsibility and my happiness was my responsibility, ”says Will Smith in a video.

Regarding their marriage, they specify that together they set out to find their joy independently, individually, privately and internally and then they would present themselves to the relationship already being happy “Do not beg the other with our empty cups demanding that she fill my life and demanding that she supply my needs; It is not fair and unrealistic, it is destructive to put your happiness on others ”, he continued.

Broken relationships/ Will Smith Happiness;Powerful Message on Personal Happiness

Regarding separations and betrayals, it indicates that it does not matter whose fault it is that something is broken if it is your responsibility to repair it. how to recover and create a happy life for yourself. Guilt and responsibility do not go together, it is horrendous, but it is like that, when something is someone’s fault we want them to suffer, punish them, we want them to pay, we want it to be their responsibility to fix everything, but it does not work like that, especially when your heart, your life, your happiness, your responsibility, is not anyone else’s responsibility, “he added.

Will Smith concludes his message by assuring that as long as they blame each other and focus on who is to blame they will be trapped and believing themselves the victims, and when they are the victim, they will always continue to suffer. “The path to power begins with being responsible. Your heart, your life, your happiness are your responsibility and nobody else’s ”, he concluded.

Great life/Will Smith Happiness;Powerful Message on Personal Happiness

Will Smith has been nominated for four Golden Globe Awards and two Oscars, and has won four Grammy Awards. In the late 1980s, he achieved modest fame as a rapper, under the name “The Fresh Prince.” In 1990, his fame increased dramatically, when he starred in the television series The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. His most financially successful films have been “Two Rebel Policemen”, “Two Rebel Policemen 2”, “Independence Day”, “Men in Black”, “Men in Black II”, “Men in Black III”, “Yo, Robot “,” In search of happiness “,” I am a legend “among others.

He is happily married to Jada, from whom he has three children who, in various ways, have followed in his footsteps. They are one of the most beloved families in the world show. Will Smith’s next step is focused on the premiere of the movie Aladdin in which he will play the peculiar Genie of the Lamp.


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