What is the Importance of Work in People’s Lives?

Importance of Work.How much of your life is dedicated to work? To answer this question, just count the weekly hours you stay at the company and the commute time. Also, take into account the minutes or hours when you reflect on your job even if you are out of it. If the sum is greater than what you expected it is time to review your concepts.

Certainly, there are readers who will find that they work too much, others who work less than they imagined and a portion of people who will judge that, even if they work hard, everything is fine, because they love what they do. Understand that there is no problem in those who dedicate more than 60 hours a week working, as long as the individual agrees with that amount. The Chinese thinker and philosopher, Confucius (551 BC-479 BC), once said: “Choose a job that you like, and you won’t have to work a day in your life.”

Why is work important to people?

This is a very common question in the workplace. People often question whether working is really important, regardless of job or financial income. What motivates someone to work?

The first motivation that one usually has when looking for a job is support – whether for oneself or for one’s own family. But, this is not the motivation that keeps all the professionals in the world exercising their functions. Nor is it what makes sense for work. Among the factors that motivate professionals, are:

1 – Skills development

Practice makes perfect, right? For this reason, many people seek professional experiences to develop skills that can contribute to professional advancement. Such skills will not be developed without exercise and experience. Hence the motivation to work.

2 – Realization

Seeing the result of the work done is very rewarding, regardless of the area of ​​expertise. Witnessing a customer’s happiness in finding the product they wanted in the store, hitting sales targets or working on the construction of a large building, everything can be a source of pride for having contributed to making it possible. Achievement also motivates going to work.

3 – Interpersonal Relationship

The vast majority of professionals work collaboratively with others, which allows for bonds of friendship and cooperation to be created. Being part of a team that works towards the same goal is very enriching and motivating.

4 – Discipline and Responsibility

In any type of company, whether as an owner or employee, it is necessary to comply with rules regarding deadlines, times and goals. This aspect causes individuals to develop the notion of organization and discipline that is very important for their professional development.

How do you see your work?

Having a purpose is what differentiates successful people from those who work just because it is their only option for survival. There is a very old tale that illustrates this difference very well: Three masons were working on a construction site, however, when someone asked what they were doing, each one showed a different view. The first said he was laying bricks; the second, preparing the dough; meanwhile, the third claimed that he was building a beautiful cathedral.


Inspired by the tale, I ask you: who do you want to be? A professional who is just performing the role that was given to him or one who really wants to be part of a bigger cause and contribute to its realization? I am sure that individuals who fall into the second category will have great opportunities, both professionally and in terms of happiness and satisfaction.

Try to have a new view on the work you do. If you are a realtor, for example, instead of houses, sell dreams and achievements to other people. This small change in thinking will bring several benefits and even help you close more deals, as your approach to customers will be different and not just that of a salesperson who wants to receive your commission.

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Exercise gratitude for your work

In times of economic crisis it is quite common to find professionals performing functions different from their education. If this is your case, take the time to improve and develop new skills. Also, know how to be grateful for the work you have, because even if it is not what you have always dreamed of, it can provide you with discoveries, learning and growth and be a bridge to do what you want in the future.

At first, it can be quite challenging to leave a job where you had a higher position and a higher salary to work in a job considered less important. However, always try to think that all professions are relevant. In a hospital, for example, from doctors to those responsible for cleaning are essential for patients to receive the appropriate treatment and to be able to heal. One function is not able to meet all the needs of the environment and cooperation is essential.

It is worth remembering that being grateful for your current job is different from settling down and not looking for growth. The fact that he is grateful for the opportunity does not prevent him from continuing to seek to evolve and improve in order to pursue his goals. In fact, gratitude will help to keep you motivated to continue.

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Dedication to work x personal life

As you can see, work is really very important, but it is not everything. Maintaining the balance between personal and professional is essential to lead a healthy, full and happy life. In addition, trying to force yourself to work for more hours than the natural capacity of the body and mind can lead you to develop problems, such as anxiety, burnout syndrome and stress, for example, that will have a negative impact on your emotional health, mental and physical and also in their professional performance.

There are some stages in an individual’s life when work will require a little more attention, such as when starting a new business or dedicating yourself to a special project. However, maintaining an organized routine with time to rest is essential to have energy and achieve your goals and dreams with health and balance.

And you, how is your relationship with your work? Can you see a purpose in your profession, as in the story of the builders? Reflect on this and know that the transformation can be within you, just that you know how to see your life through a new vision and that you seek to find your life mission in this world. Success!

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