Is it a sin to put silicone?

putting silicone is not a sin but the motivation behind it can be wrong. Each person must reflect on their reasons and the possible consequences of an implant. Before placing silicone, ask a few questions:

  • Why do I want to put silicone? For medical reasons; to correct a defect that causes you problems? This is a good reason to put silicone. For aesthetic reasons? Be careful, don’t get too attached to fashion, it changes. To attract attention? Don’t do it, it will only attract the wrong attention. – Proverbs 31:30
  • It’s safe? Every implant has its risks. Some procedures are more dangerous than others. Find out about it before undergoing surgery. Think about it, is it really worth taking the risk?
  • I have money? Organize your priorities. Do you need to put silicone? If you don’t have to, don’t be in debt because of an implant.
  • How will it affect me? Will putting silicone decrease negative attention because of a physical defect, or will it attract a lot of bad attention? Be careful not to overdo it.
  • Will it cause scandal? Talk to your family before making a decision. If it’s going to cause problems, it might be better not to. – Romans 14:16)

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Don’t forget: God loves you the way you are. Your self-esteem needs to be based on how God sees you, not other people’s opinions. Don’t let people pressure you. Who will live with the consequences is you, not them. Pray to God about it before making a decision. –


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