How to put trademark symbols inside Word? put copyright

It is likely that when we are developing a professional project in Word, this being the most widely used application as a text editor , we want to place the copyright symbol to establish that our work, be it literary, scientific, musical, art, among others, is registered or if we are naming a company.

How to Put Trademark Symbols Inside Word? Put Copyright

In the article that we will present below, you will learn more about the meaning of copyright, you will also learn step by step the different techniques to insert the copyright symbol in a Word document .

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  1. What is the copyright symbol used for?
  2. Where is the trademark symbol placed?
  3. How is the copyright symbol placed?
    1. With the section of more symbols
    2. Copying the desired symbol to the document
    3. With the keyboard inside the computer

What is the copyright symbol used for?

The copyright protection symbol or Copyright © for its acronym in English, guarantees the rights of an artistic or literary work that has been created, this brand attributes distinctive powers over the work in question in order to be able to reproduce it, disseminate or edit it.

In addition to conceiving these rights to the author, the copyright also warns the general public that any type of copying, editing or reproduction without prior permission is prohibited and even penalized for the duration of the same.

These terms vary depending on the country where the registration is made , but the most common lasts for the life of the author and an additional 70 years. Once this period of time has elapsed, the creation can be used by everyone.

Where is the trademark symbol placed?

Currently, there are a large number of similar products on the market, which is why the trademark is what distinguishes the product of a particular company , this distinctive individualizes them and is even usually a guide to quality and commitment of the company.

However, there is no regulation that tells us specifically where to place the trademark symbol, we can easily find it in the upper corners of the product name or logo or simply at the same height.

How is the copyright symbol placed?

Since we have learned a little about what copyright means and its functionalities , we will now develop the way to insert this symbol in Word.

There are several ways to put the copyright symbol in a Word document, either with the ‘More symbols as cubic meters’ section,  copying the symbol in the document or with the keyboard inside the computer. In the following statements you will find the steps to follow to achieve this task.

With the section of more symbols

The Word text editor has a large number of options when presenting, configuring or simply giving styles to what we are writing. To insert the symbol from the more symbols section in Word you must follow the following steps.

  • We open the document to which we are going to place the copyright symbol.
  • We position the cursor where we want to place the symbol.
  • In the upper panel of the Word document we locate the insert tab.
  • We click on the symbols option located on the Word toolbar.
  • A menu with several symbols will be displayed, here you will automatically find the copyright symbol.
  • In case this symbol does not appear in the menu, we click on more symbols.
  • Once the copyright symbol is located, we click on itand in this way it will appear in our Word document.

Copying the desired symbol to the document

Although it is not the most effective way to place the symbol inside a Word document, following the steps below you can achieve it.

  • We open a tab in our preferred browser.
  • In the search engine we write the word copyright.
  • Many web pages will appear with the symbol, we select the one that seems best to us.
  • Once inside the page we position ourselves with the cursor over the symbol.
  • Press the right mouse button and cover the symbol, it will be highlighted in blue.
  • Then with the left mouse button a menu will be displayed.
  • We locate copy item and click on it.
  • We go to the document where we want to place it.
  • We position the cursor in the part of the documentwhere the symbol will go.
  • Again, we press the left mouse button and look for the paste option.
  • Finally, the symbol will appear in our document.

Another copy and paste option is with the abbreviations or keyboard command , this function is included in all versions of Microsoft Word, for this we will do the following.

  • We select the page where we will go to copy the symbol.
  • We place the cursor before or after the symbol and with the combinations of the Shift keysand the right or left arrow respectively, we select the symbol.
  • Once this symbol is highlighted in blue, press the Ctrl+c keys at the same time.
  • We go to the Word document and locate where we want to paste the symbol.
  • Finally, using the Ctrl+v key combination, we paste the symbol into our document.

With the keyboard inside the computer

Following the steps presented below you will be able to insert the copyright symbol using the shortcuts that your computer keyboard has.

  • Placing the letter c in parentheses: (c) automatically becomes the copyright symbol ©.
  • Another way using the keyboard, we press the Ctrl, Alt, C keys at the same time.
  • Hold down the Alt key and type the following numbers 0169.

Any of these three combinations are useful and fast when inserting the symbol in the Word document we are working on.


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